Mr Juan Jose  Rivas Moreno

Mr Juan Jose Rivas Moreno

PhD Student

Department of Economic History

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SAR 4.04
Office Hours
Tuesdays 10:30-11:30; Wednesdays 15:30-16:30
English, Spanish
Key Expertise
Financial, Business, Accounting History; Spanish Empire; NIE

About me

Juan’s research focuses on how patterns of trade and industrial organisation influence and determine processes of institutional formation and evolution in financial markets. His thesis applies and reviews current theories of institutional economics using the case study of the Pacific trade between Asia and Spanish America through Manila during the long-Eighteenth century. 

Before starting his PhD at the LSE, Juan worked in the financial sector for two years. Juan holds an MSc Research in Economic History from the LSE, and a BA in History from King’s College London.   

Further to his PhD work, Juan is interested in accounting and business practices in the Early Modern Hispanic world, as well as the interaction between business organisation forms and early capital markets, and the legal history of the Spanish Monarchy. 

Provisional Thesis Title

  • 'How was the Manila Trade financed? An alternative institutional approach to Early Modern long-distance trade finance, 1668-1830'


  • Main supervisor: Dr Alejandra Irigoin; Secondary supervisor: Professor Kent Deng

Curriculum Vitae

Juan Jose Rivas Moreno CV


Expertise Details

Financial & Business History; Accounting History; Spanish Empire; New Institutional Economics