The Language Centre Reception is located on the ground floor of 20 Kingsway (20KSW) and most teaching staff in Tower 3 (TW3)


Teaching staff offices

  • located in Tower 3; DisabledGo guide for LSE
  • office hours are offered for the duration of the programme only
  • many languages offer more than one office hour and some are only for specific courses
  • not all teachers have an office hour so you may need to see the Co-ordinator for the course(s) in question
  • any programmes exclusive to LSE members (degree courses, EAP insessional support) will be use the LSE for You bookable office hour system
  • should an office hour be bookable using this system this will be stated next to Office Hour. In all other cases, for non-bookable office hours, the time and day will be stated

Staff at the Language Centre


Lourdes Hernández-Martín Language Co-ordinator (Arabic) and Co-ordinator for Spanish Projects

Luay Hasan Language Teacher (Arabic)

Nadim Ben-Mohamed-Mahjoub Language Teacher (Arabic)

Dr Nesrin Alrefaai Language Teacher (Arabic)


Ester Pou Jutglar Language Teacher (Catalan)


Dr Neil McLean Director

Deputy Director

Alison Standring Deputy Director

English for Academic Purposes

Alison Standring Language Co-ordinator (EAP)

Mike McGarvey Language Co-ordinator (ELT)

Christopher Sciberras Co-ordinating Language Teacher (EAP)

Sarah Taylor Co-ordinating Language Teacher (EAP)

Simon Roberts Co-ordinating Language Teacher (EAP)

Michael Beaney Co-ordinating Language Teacher (EAP)

Jim Pavitt Co-ordinating Language Teacher (EAP)

Michael Jacob Language Teacher (EAP)

Andrew Mitchell Co-ordinating Language Teacher (EAP)


Florence Niclot Language Co-ordinator (French)

François Simon Assistant Language Co-ordinator (French)

Jean Souvignet Co-ordinating Language Teacher (French)

Abdel Halim Benzine Language Teacher (French)

Cécile Alais Language Teacher (French)

Stéphanie Beltrando Language Teacher (French)

Jérôme Bertherat Language Teacher (French)

Pierre Dagonnot Language Teacher (French)

Catherine Gaitte Language Teacher (French)

Patricia Gaudron Language Teacher (French) 

Patricia Morabo Language Teacher (French)

Thierry Semo Language Teacher (French)

Sandrine Victor Language Teacher (French)


Dr. Peter Skrandies Language Co-ordinator (German)

Susanne Müller-Menckens Language Teacher (German) 

Doris Hermann-Ostrowski Language Teacher (German)

Florian Fischer Language Teacher (German)

Martina Rohr Language Teacher (German)


Anna Maria Giuffria Language Teacher (Italian)

Flavia D'Angelantonio Language Teacher (Italian)


Yoko Aldous Language Teacher (Japanese)

Nobuko Leslie Language Teacher (Japanese)

Yukie Yagioka Language Teacher (Japanese)


Allan Christopher Simpson Language Teacher (Korean)

Literature and Linguistics

Dr. Angus Wrenn Co-ordinating Language Teacher (EAP) with special responsibilities for Literature Degree Options

Dr. Olga Sobolev Language Co-ordinator (Russian)

Dr. Peter Skrandies Language Co-ordinator (German)


Dr. Catherine Hua Xiang Language Co-ordinator (Mandarin, Japanese, Korean)

Dr Lijing Shi Assistant Language Co-ordinator (Mandarin)

Hongyi Xin Co-ordinating Language Teacher (Mandarin)

Fang Pan Co-ordinating Language Teacher (Mandarin)

Xiaolan Bi Language Teacher (Mandarin)


Benvinda Alves Language Teacher (Portuguese)

Professional Services Staff (Learning Support and Administration)

John Heyworth Centre Manager

Inés Alonso-García Teaching and Learning Facilitator

Helen Mayer Teaching and Learning Facilitator

Margaret Evans Receptionist

Maria Auxiliadora do Prado Course Administrator

Emmanuelle Rodet Course Administrator


Dr. Olga Sobolev Language Co-ordinator (Russian)

Natasha Bershadski Language Teacher (Russian)

Irina Forbes Language Teacher (Russian)

Ekaterina Rogatchevskaia Language Teacher (Russian)


Mercedes Coca Language Co-ordinator (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan)

Lourdes Hernández-Martín Language Co-ordinator (Arabic) and Co-ordinator for Spanish Projects

Rafael Peñas Cruz Co-ordinating Language Teacher (Spanish)

Dr. Roser Martinez-Sanchez Co-ordinating Language Teacher (Spanish)

Esteban Lozano Language Teacher (Spanish)

Paula de Santiago Gonzalez Language Teacher (Spanish)