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IDEAS is proud to bring together leading scholars and practitioners of foreign policy and diplomacy from around the world.

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The latest expert comment  in the international press
and news of conferences and meetings from IDEAS People:


New Zealand Institute of Internatonal Affairs Conference 2016

IDEAS Director Michael Cox is speaking, from London, at the New Zealand Institute of Internatonal Affairs 2016 Conference 'The Global Future: Challenges to Security, Stability and Sustainability'. The conference explores what 'the rise of the rest' means for the global order.

China Foresight

BBC News at 10 & CCTV comment on Hinkley Point

China Foresight's Yu Jie commented on the Hinkley Point nuclear deal on BBC News at 10 and Chinese channel CCTV. "[Chinese] state owned enterprises want to use this deal as a stepping stone to achieve a major foothold in the European market" she told BBC China correspondent Carrie Grace. Watch the CCTV debate on YouTube.


Professor Cox makes Hay in Segovia 

IDEAS Director Michael Cox spoke on Brexit and its global implications at the Hay Festival in Segovia, Spain - part of the international network of Hay Festival events. This week, Professor Cox is representing LSE IDEAS at the Global Think Tank Summit in Montreal.

Dr Yu Jie

China Foresight's Yu Jie has given insight into the Chinese perspective on the UK EU referendum. Speaking to US National Public Radio, she said the Chinese leadership "obviously consider the UK as being a gateway to Europe for years and years." 

She told BBC Radio 4's The World Tonight that in addition to the economic cost, a 'Brexit' would be a political risk to President Xi Jinping. Read more on the BBC News website or in Yu Jie's LSE BrexitVote Blog on why China is an unexpectedly strong supporter of the Remain camp.


IDEAS Visiting Fellow Effie G. H. Pedaliu contributed to the Barcelona Centre for International Affairs report Greece and the EU: Lessons from a Long-lasting Crisis

The Brexit Vote: Domestic Debate and Global Implications

The Brexit Vote: Domestic Debate and Global Implications

IDEAS Director Michael Cox, China Foresight's Yu Jie, and Dahrendorf Forum fellow Tim Oliver took part in this debate hosted by the IAI, Italy's leading think tank, in Rome with diplomats on the potential imapct of the UK leaving the EU. 


John Collins and Alexander Soderholm of the International Drug Policy Project (IDPP) took part in a debate at Yale Law School on Does Ending the Global War on Drugs Violate International Law? The IDPP team are in New York for the United General Assembly Special Session on drugs (UNGASS). 

Panama Perils: How the Panama Papers Could Make David Cameron Resign. IDEAS Associate Andrew Hammond writes in Foreign Affairs on the UK scandal caused by the international leak.
IDEAS People are taking part in LSE Summer Schools 2016.

IDEAS Director Michael Cox and Executive Programme Convener of the Executive MSc International Strategy and Diplomacy Luca Tardelli  will teach Power Shifts: the Decline of the West, The Rise of the BRICS and World Order in a New Asian Century  at the LSE Summer School in London.

Professor Cox and Dr Yu Jie are among the faculty at the LSE-PKU Summer School in Beijing.

Dr John Collins teaches on Drugs, Illicit Markets & Public Health at the LSE-UCT July School in Cape Town, South Africa.
"The path to drug peace becomes clearer if we look to the SDGs as the way to address the root causes of many socioeconomic problems, one of which is problematic drug use" - Geographical magazine spoke to International Drug Policy Project Coordinator John Collins about new ideas in drugs war.
IDEAS Visiting Fellow Effie Pedaliu  has published a new article in The International History Review on Human Rights and International Security: The International Community and the Greek Dictators.

On 27-28 February 2016 IDEAS Visiting Fellow Effie Pedaliu gave a paper to the international symposium ‘Coup d’etat judgements in the World and Turkey’ at Istanbul University, Turkey’s oldest University.
The conference was organised by the Turkish Jurists' Association, the Turkish Justice Academy, the Constitutional Jurists' Association, the Istanbul Center of International Law, and the International Jurist Union.


IDEAS Associate Andrew Hammond wrote for Foreign Affairs on Breaking Europe: How Likely is Brexit?


China Foresight's Yu Jie attended the China in the Mediterranean conference in Turin, hosted by the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) and the Torino World Affairs Institute (TWAI). Watch the video (1:55) of her thoughts on investment by Chinese State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in the region. 


The LSE IDEAS Strategic Update on A European Union without the UK was quoted in the New York Times report on the start of the campaign.

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