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IDEAS is proud to bring together leading scholars and practitioners of foreign policy and diplomacy from around the world.

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Afghan attacks show country at crossroads

IDEAS Associate Andrew Hammond writes in Gulf News on how Afghan attacks show country at crossroads and the challenges for Afghanistan's President Ashraf Gani.

For all parties involved, the Iran nuclear deal is big win writes former IDEAS Pinto Fellow Bryan Gibson on the .

Dahrendorf Fellow on Europe-North America relations Tim Oliver writes for the LSE American Politics and Policy Blog on how Brexit is an issue President Obama has every right to be concerned about as a UK exit from the EU would affect the United States. 

IDEAS Director Michael Cox reflects on being in Greece during the Euro crisis on the LSE European Politics and Policy Blog, arguing that despite Alexis Tsipras' climbdown, Europe has suffered most.

How has the Ukraine conflict affected relations between Russia and Central and Eastern European EU member states? Dahrendorf Postdoctoral Fellow on Europe-Russia Relations Cristian Nitoiu writes for the LSE European Politics and Policy Blog on a clear revival of nationalist and anti-Russian sentiments which politicians have sought to use to their advantage. 

"The joint declaration is actually something of a breakthrough." Dahrendorf Postdoctoral Fellow on Europe-East Asia Relations Olivia Gippner comments on a China - EU agreement on climate change in the Sydney Morning Herald
Russia's Foreign Policy

What's driving Russia's foreign policy? IDEAS Fellow David Cadier and IDEAS Senior Fellow Margot Light has co-edited a new book entilted Russia's Foreign Policy. Ideas, Domestic Politics and External Relations.  The book, published on July 2, opens the black box of Russia’s foreign policy to analyse, in particular, the drivers of its actions in and around Ukraine. More details from publishers Palgrave here.

IDEAS Visiting Fellow Effie G. H. Pedaliu writes for the LSE European Politics and Policy Blog on how The Greek referendum has generated unprecedented uncertainty over Greece’s future in the euro.

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