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The Department of Economic History

I love how small the Economic History Department is. Having classes with the same people year-on-year means that you form stronger friendships than in bigger departments. That said, for a small department, there seems to be a professor that specialises in anything you might be interested in researching!

Will Banks, BSc Economic History

Welcome to the Department of Economic History and congratulations on your offer to study with us. Here you can meet our students and staff virtually and find out more about the Department and your programme. Take your time to watch our videos, read our stories and watch our vlogs on life at LSE, follow the links to our Department webpages and really get to know us.

We hope you can get a sense of the welcoming community that you would be joining, from the comfort of your home and hope to have you join us in September.

An introduction to Economic History at LSE An introduction to Economic History at LSE
Students and staff of the LSE Economic History Department talk about why Economic History matters, and what it’s like to be a student on one of our programmes.

If you have any questions regarding your application then please contact the undergraduate admissions team.

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Top three reasons why you should study economic history at LSE

  1. We are the largest economic history department in the UK covering a very wide range of economic history topics and regions.
  2. Our bespoke degrees give a greater focus and coherence than joint history and economics degrees at other universities.
  3. Our training in persuasive writing, data analysis and research offer a unique group of skills difficult to obtain in economics or history degrees.

You can find out more about the Department here.

Hear from economic history students

You can meet some of our students, faculty and alumni on our 'Community' webpages. Take your time to read through the interviews and get to know us. You can also learn more about the LSESU Economic History society on their website.

Virtual Undergraduate Offer Holders' Day

Watch the Department of Economic History offer holders' session from our Virtual Undergraduate Offer Holders' Day in April 2023:

Watch the economic history subject taster session Watch the economic history subject taster session
Watch the economic history subject taster session

Listen to talks and taster sessions from previous events

Here you will find various talks which we have recorded at past events which you can listen to at your leisure:

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Click on the programme you have received an offer for to remind yourself about the detail of the course you have applied for including information on careers, programme structure, course choices and teaching at LSE.

For more detail on particular courses you may be studying, take a look at our course videos.

Our research and events

As a department we are always busy. Explore our research, as well as the events and lectures we put on below.

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