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Student life

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Being a student at LSE is about more than academic study. We want our students to be an active part of the LSE community, and take advantage of all that living in London has to offer.

The LSE Students' Union (LSESU) is run for students, by students and aims to help LSE students make the most of their time at the School.

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David Gordon, LSE Students’ Union General Secretary 2020-21, explains how the LSE Students' Union (LSESU) supports students. 

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"Welcome to LSE, a place where world-leading academia meets some of the most ambitious and trailblazing student-led activities. Life at LSE is incredible, and the LSE Students’ Union is here with you every step of the way.

LSESU is a completely student-led organisation whose founding goal is to support you during your time as an LSE student. From political and activist campaigning, to over 200 sports clubs, societies and media groups, LSESU is your hub of political, social and cultural activity. Never more than a few steps away from inspiring people and enduring friendships, LSE is an extraordinary place. Being here situates you in the heart of London, one of the world’s most dynamic and culturally rich cities. Studying here, you will be connected to people and students from across the globe, becoming part of a truly international, welcoming and vibrant community. LSESU is here to help you make the most of LSE, an experience like no other!

From Welcome Week to graduation, LSESU is here to support you. I look forward to meeting you, and on behalf of all of us, welcome to LSE!"

Student life and activities on campus

Our campus is both a place for students to engage with their academic studies and a place which encouages them to explore and develop interests beyond their degree programme. There are countless events and activities both on and off campus to keep students busy when they're not studying! Find out more about what it's like to be #partofLSE


Student vlogger Elli shares her favourite study spots on campus Student vlogger Elli shares her favourite study spots on campus
Student vlogger Elli shares her favourite study spots on campus
A day in the life of LSE student vlogger Nicole A day in the life of LSE student vlogger Nicole
A day in the life of LSE student vlogger Nicole


University Student Accommodation Tour: Rosebery Hall with Elli University Student Accommodation Tour: Rosebery Hall with Elli
University Student Accommodation Tour: Rosebery Hall with Elli

As a new starter at LSE you'll be encouraged to attend a whole host of events in the first week of term, known as Welcome. During this week you'll be introduced to LSE's support services, meet your department and attend the LSESU Welcome Fair. 

  • Join one or more of the 200+ societies run by the LSE Students' Union. There are academic, career, charity, faith, media, creative, national and cultural and interest and activity based societies available.

  • The LSESU have 40+ sports clubs for you to get involved with, from beginners to top-level athletes. The LSESU Sports Performance Programme supports and develops students who are high-level athletes, providing financial support, tailored workshops and sport leadership skill development sessions. Hear from Oliver Cook, a current Great Britain rowing team member and LSE graduate, about his experience of combining sport and study. 

  • You could join the LSESU Gym or get involved with the LSESU Active Lifestyle programme, a programme of fitness classes including pilates, yoga, HIIT, circuits and self defence.

  • You may be interested in the LSESU run media channels, getting involved with the student newspaper, journal or PuLSE radio.

  • Take part in LSE Change Makers, a collaborative initiative run between LSE and LSESU, which gives LSE students the chance to make meaningful change at LSE through independent research.
  • There are lots of opportunities for volunteering, fundraising and campaigning. The LSE Volunteer Centre can help students find volunteering placements, whether it's a couple of hours a week or a longer term committment, and LSESU RAG (LSE Students' Union Raising and Giving) organise a diverse range of fundraising events and activities. 

  • LSE's public events are a great way to hear from some of the world’s leading academics, presidents, prime minsters, international business leaders and policy makers. At the moment these lectures are taking place online but there is usually an event held on campus every week day during term time.

  • LSE Arts and Music run art exhibitions on campus, hold weekly lunchtime music concerts and more. You could join the LSE choir or orchestra, take part in LSE Chill or make use of the instruments in the LSE Music Practice room located in the historic Shaw Library. 

  • Several departments offer undergraduate students the chance to get involved with research projects and internships.
  • LSE Careers run events throughout the year both on and off campus. Events include career and internship fairs, sector specific events, employer and alumni insight sessions, professional development workshops as well as one-to-one appointments with a careers consultant. Read the LSE Careers guidance for offer holders here
  • The School's centre for personal, professional and academic development, LSE LIFE, run workshops, talks and social events designed to help you develop the skills that will benefit you during your time at LSE and beyond. 
  • If you're living in a hall of residence, they will also have their own programme of social activities, including the LSE Halls Cup. 

Your department will also have its own offerings of events and activities to get involved in, from formal balls to pizza nights. Read more about this in the 'Meet your Department' section.

Find out more about life on campus on our campus life pages.

London life and your finances

We know that students often have questions about the cost of being a student in London.

To help answer your questions take a look at our London on a budget information, which includes blogs and a video from LSE students. 

We generally recommend that students allow £1,100-£1,300 per month for all living expenses, including accommodation, travel, food, laundry, study costs, and other personal expenses. Of course, this will vary depending on your lifestyle, personal preferences and requirements, so it's important you do your own research. There are lots of budgeting tools that can help you plan your budget. Part-time work may also be an option for some students, and there are often on-campus opportunities available including event stewarding, administration and our Student Ambassador Scheme. 

We offer generous financial support to students, including bursaries, scholarships and in-course financial support.

The number of scholarships, their value and the eligibility criteria vary from year to year. All scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need in the first instance. Scholarships being offered for 2021 entry include:

  • Uggla Family Scholarships: 7 scholarships for new UK undergraduate students (£20,060 per year) and 3 scholarships for new overseas undergraduate students (£27,526 per year). Awards will be renewed for each subsequent year of study, subject to satisfactory academic progress.
  • LSE Stelios Scholarships: Award value of £10,000 per year for students from the UK, Greece and Cyprus on business related degrees.
  • Undergraduate Support Scheme: Awards are usually between £6,000 and £15,000, renewable for each year of study, subject to satisfactory academic progress.

You can find more specific information on fees, funding, and loans on our undergraduate financial support page.