Economic History Department Events 2019-20

 Michaelmas 2019

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OWL Economic History Workshop 2019
25 October 2019, LSE

This year's keynote speaker is Tracy Dennison, Professor of Social Science History, Caltech.

For more details of this year's annual workshop for economic historians from Oxford, Warwick and LSE follow the link below:

OWL Economic History Workshop 2019

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Socialization and Skill: The Master Apprentice Relationship in Long Term Perspective

Speakers will include Laura Gowing, Jeff Horn, Jonathan Barry, Jose Nieto Sánchez,  Ida Juul, Leonard Rosenband, Lars Edgren, Sietske Van den Wyngaert and Merja Uotila.

More details of this event can be found on its dedicated event page: Socialisation and Skill.

Organised by the University of Antwerp, LSE and the Economic History Society.