Dates and deadlines

Dates that are important if you're applying for accommodation at LSE

This page sums up the deadlines for booking accommodation, moving-in and moving out days, days when the Residential Services Office is closed and more. 

Accommodation guarantee deadline


The deadline for accommodation applications is: 
Tuesday 31 May 2022

 This deadline applies to:

  • new undergraduate and new General Course Students, to be guaranteed a space 
  • new undergraduate students who have applied for an LSE Accommodation Bursary
  • new graduate students 
  • continuing students and returning residents who were actively involved in their student community (ie hall committee members and Peer Supporters)

What if I miss the deadline?
After a deadline has passed, you can still book, subject to availability.

Summer 2021/22 vacation application deadline for current students

Summer 2021/22 vacation applications are not yet open. We will update this information in spring 2022. 

More information about summer accommodation is available at: Summer accommodation

Cancellation deadlines

If you're currently living in LSE halls and would like to move out before the end of your contract, visit: Moving out early

For information on cancelling your application/room before you arrive, visit: Book accommodation in halls

Vacation dates for 31-week halls

Vacation dates (31-week halls) for the academic year 2021/22

Christmas vacation
Departure date: Saturday 11 December 2021 
Return date: Sunday 9 January 2022

Easter vacation
Departure Date: Saturday 2 April 2022
Return Date: Sunday 1 May 2022

For more contract dates, see: Contract lengths and dates

Final moving out dates from halls

2021/22 moving out dates

4 June 2022 - departure day at Lilian Penson Hall
18 June 2022 - departure day for LSE and University of London halls (except Lilian Penson Hall) with 31-, 39- and 40-week contracts 
3 September 2022 - departure day for 50-week contracts 

For more contract dates, see: Contract lengths and dates

Residential Services Office (RSO) closure dates

The Residential Services Office is closed on these dates and won't be available for drop-in visits or contact via email or phone. Halls are open, but receptions may have reduced opening hours. Check locally at your reception for details.

RSO closure dates for the academic year 2021/22

  • Christmas closure: Thursday 23 December 2021 - Monday 3 January 2022 
  • Easter closure: Thursday 14 April - Wednesday 20 April 2022
  • May Bank Holiday: Monday 2 May 2022
  • Spring Bank Holiday: Thursday 2 June 2022
  • Summer Bank Holiday: Monday 29 August 2022