LSE Accommodation Bursary

Help towards the cost of accommodation in halls for UK students

This page explains what the LSE Accommodation Bursary is and what you need to do to be considered. 

What is the LSE Accommodation Bursary?

LSE Accommodation Bursaries are available for UK nationals from lower-income households to help towards the cost of halls of residence. 

The amount you can receive depends on the number of students who are awarded the bursary. In 2023/24, bursaries ranged from £500 to £2,500, as follows:

bursary detail
 Student's household income
(as assessed by Student Finance)
LSE Accommodation Bursary value 
(per year)
 £0 - £18,000  £2,500
 £18,001 - £25,000  £2,000
 £25,001 - £30,000  £1,500
 £30,001 - £35,000  £1,000
 £35,001 - £42,875  £500


To be considered for a bursary: 

  • you must be eligible
  • you must book a room in one of the qualifying halls (Bankside House, Carr-Saunders Hall, Rosebery Hall, Passfield Hall, High Holborn Residence or Sidney Webb House)
  • you must apply to your local student finance agency for a Maintenance Loan and to be means tested

How to apply

1.Check if you're eligible

To be eligible you need to:

  • be a UK national
  • be a new first year undergraduate
  • be about to register on a full-time LSE course
  • have a household income below £42,875 (as means tested by your regional student finance agency)

2. Apply to your regional student finance agency

Apply for a Maintenance Loan with your regional student finance agency and opt to be means tested. You do not need to apply separately for an LSE Accommodation Bursary. They will assess you for a Maintenance Loan and an LSE Accommodation Bursary at the same time. 

Check with your regional student finance agency for information about their application process and deadlines:

3. Book your room by 9 June 2024 in one of the qualifying halls

The bursary can be used for any room type at:

  • Bankside House 
  • Carr-Saunders Hall
  • High Holborn Residence
  • Passfield Hall
  • Rosebery Hall 
  • Sidney Webb House

We will notify you in September if you have been awarded the bursary and confirm the amount. 

Related questions

How will the bursary be paid?

If you have been awarded a bursary, it will be credited against your Spring Term accommodation fees. If the amount you receive covers more than that, we'll credit any surplus against your Winter Term fees. If there is still a surplus, we'll credit it against your Autumn Term fees.

For payment deadlines, see: How to pay for your accommodation.

I won’t know if I can afford my accommodation until my bursary award is confirmed. What should I do?

Even if you haven't heard from us yet, go ahead and make your booking, pay your deposit and accept your Confirmation of Accommodation Document. 

We will notify you in September if you have been awarded the bursary and confirm the amount. If at that point you would like to cancel, please let us know by email. Provided you have applied for Maintenance Loan with your regional finance agency, we will refund your deposit and release you from your contract. 

If you want to cancel after receiving confirmation of your award, please email accommodation@lse.ac.uk. To receive a refund, you must let us know before the official moving-in date at your hall.

For information about other scholarships, bursaries and loans at LSE, visit: Fees and funding