Book summer accommodation

Registered full-time students can book a room over the summer

This page explains who can book summer accommodation, which halls are available and how to book. 

Page last updated: 5 April 2022
Latest change: Dates and prices

As a full-time student at LSE, you can book summer accommodation in halls. 

Summer Vacation bookings for summer 2022 are now open for Sidney Webb House, Butler's Wharf Residence and Lilian Knowles House. 

How to book

1. Check if you're eligible

You can book summer accommodation if:

  • you are a registered full-time LSE student
  • you don't already live in LSE accommodation on a 50-week contract
  • you're applying as an individual student - we don't normally provide summer vacation accommodation for couples

If you are a graduate student, you'll have priority for summer accommodation. That's because many Masters courses last for 12 months, and you're likely to have academic reasons for staying in summer. Any remaining rooms will be offered to undergraduate students. 

2. Find out more about halls

Accommodation is available at

  • Sidney Webb House (postgraduates and undergraduates)
  • Lilian Knowles House (postgraduates only)
  • Butler's Wharf Residence (postgraduates only)

Dates and prices

The cost depends on the hall and room type we offer you. 

Summer accommodation is available for the fixed period Saturday 18 June 2022 to Saturday 3 September 2022 at:

  • Sidney Webb House - single ensuite rooms available starting at £219.10 per week
  • Lilian Knowles House - single ensuite rooms available starting at £171.88 per week, subject to availability
  • Butler's Wharf Residence - single rooms available starting at £174.65 per week, subject to availability

3. Book online

When you book online, we'll ask you to:

  • log in with your LSE username and password (LSE for You)
  • select the link for Summer Booking
  • check the details we have about you are correct
  • select a room from the personalised choices
  • accept the terms and conditions [PDF] (this step will save your booking in the system)
  • pay a deposit (if your booking is for Sidney Webb House or Butler's Wharf Residence)
  • you can also tell us if you want to disclose any disabilities or other support needs (this will give you access to the GP assessment form) - also see: Accommodation for students with disabilities and other support needs.

4. Finalise your booking

If your booking is for an LSE residence:

  • Shortly after you've paid your deposit, you'll be able to see the Confirmation of Accommodation Document in your accommodation account. It sums up your booking. We will notify you via email when it's ready.
  • Accept your Confirmation of Accommodation Document. You must do this within 24 hours of receipt. Once you have accepted, your booking is complete. 

If your booking is for Lilian Knowles House (Sanctuary Students):

  • We'll send your details to Sanctuary Students, who manage the hall. They'll contact you directly to complete your booking.
  • Sanctuary Students will give you a deadline by which you need to accept their terms and conditions and pay the deposit of £400.
  • Once you've completed all steps with Sanctuary Students, your booking is complete.

5. Prepare for arrival

Check in dates and times

Check-in day is 18 June 2022.

Your room should be ready for you by 3pm in the afternoon. If you arrive before 3pm, your room may not be ready, and you'll need to wait at reception before you can get the keys.

We won't be able to help you with moving between halls, but your hall reception team may be able to suggest local removal services. We'll email you with more details closer to check-in day.

6. Cancellation and refunds

Cancellation deadlines and refunds for summer accommodation

Cancellations for LSE residences
Your cancellations must be made in writing using the online cancellation form.

  • Cancel before 1 April 2022 to get a full refund of your deposit. You will be released from your contract and won't need to pay any further fees.
  • If you cancel on or after 1 April 2022, you will receive no refund of your deposit and need to pay all fees for the room for the summer vacation. If we are able to resell your room, you only need to pay fees until the day another student takes over your contract.

Cancellations for Lilian Knowles House (Sanctuary Students)
Your cancellation must be made in writing to london.students@sanctuary-students.com.

  • Once you have accepted your room and paid the deposit, you are liable for the full fees. However, if Sanctuary Students are able to resell your room, you only need to pay the fees until the day another student takes over your contract.

If you miss a deadline

If you miss a deadline, don't pay a deposit in time or don't accept your Confirmation of Accommodation Document (LSE residences only), we'll withdraw your booking.

If your booking is withdrawn and you still require summer accommodation you'll need to log back into your accommodation account to make a new booking (subject to availability).