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Greater interactions across countries have been accompanied by movements toward isolationism. The digitalisation of economies has unleashed issues of liberty, wealth disparities, and possibilities to ‘leapfrog’ the West. South Asia is part of these shifts and is seeing its destiny evolve alongside other specificities that shape the world in different ways. The Centre will explore these, and other changes in the making.

Alnoor Bhimani, Director 


Twitter: @AlnoorBhimani

Alnoor Bhimani is an alumnus of LSE (PhD in Accounting, 1992), and is currently Professor of Management Accounting at LSE. He researches and  speaks widely on financial controls in digitalised businesses, strategic finance, entrepreneurship and social start-ups, and on economic growth and governance issues. Alnoor’s most recent monograph is Financial Management for Technology Start-Ups (2017), and he is currently completing a manuscript titled ‘Accounting Disrupted: The Transformation of Financial Intelligence in the New Digital Era’. 

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Nilanjan Sarkar, Deputy Director & Development Manager


Twitter: @SAsiaLSE

Nilanjan brings to the role professional experience in 3 related areas in higher education: research and teaching, academic publishing, and administration.

Nilanjan was awarded his PhD in 2005 from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, on a Persian Advice text written in 14th century Delhi, now surviving as a single manuscript in the collections of the British Library. His specialism is in the medieval Islamic history of the Indian subcontinent, with a particular focus on the pre-Mughal period (AD 1000-1400) in which he holds a Masters and an MPhil as well.

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Christopher Finnigan, Events & Communications Officer, and Editor of 'South Asia @ LSE' 


Twitter: @SAsiaLSE

Christopher is Events & Communications Officer, and Editor of ‘South Asia @ LSE’, the flagship blog of the South Asia Centre. He is responsible for commissioning and creating content for the blog and the Centre’s other digital platforms, along with developing and delivering the Centre’s events through the year. He is also the principal point of contact for the Centre’s events and communication streams, and works closely with LSE students, external partners and stakeholders to deliver the Centre’s events through the year.

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