South Asia Centre Masters Student Ambassadors 2020/21

The LSE South Asia Centre Student Ambassador programme is a fantastic opportunity for LSE Masters students to gain experience with the LSE South Asia Centre’s digital team throughout 2020/21. As a Student Ambassador you will have the chance to assist in the Centre’s online work during the Michaelmas, Lent and Summer terms. With three roles available, students can choose a position that reflects the different interests, skills and experiences of LSE students.

Each role will involve a flexible commitment to be confirmed upon appointment. Participation in the Centre’s evening events will be essential.There are three roles available:

Social Media and Events Ambassador

The South Asia Centre hosts a variety of events on campus as part of LSE’s engagement with the region. The Centre’s events normally run from September to June and take place in the evening. The Social Media and Events Ambassador will assist the Centre’s events team in a range of vital aspects to the running of the event, such as:

  • Supporting live tweeting of events
  • Supporting the running of the Centre’s Instagram account
  • Suggesting social media initiatives

Blog and Events Ambassador

The Centre’s very popular ‘South Asia @ LSE’ blog aims to make the academic research of LSE faculty, fellows, students and alumni more accessible with those who share an interest in the region. It also strives to spark dialogue about South Asia-related issues among the academic community. As Blog and Events Ambassador you will contribute to expanding the Centre’s range of published material while also supporting the daily output of the blog. Such activities will include:

  • Event Summaries
  • Conducting interviews with guest speakers
  • Suggesting editorial ideas for the blog

South Asia LSE Archive Ambassador

Many important moments from the 100-year-old relationship between the School and the region are documented in the LSE’s library. As South Asia LSE Archive Ambassador you will work with the Blog Editor to identify and produce pieces of interest from the catalogue.

  • Drafting blog posts based on the archive
  • Developing a social media campaign based on the archive
  • Developing an annual publishing calendar of material

Application process

To apply for this role, please send your CV and a short statement of motivation (150 words) to Deputy Director Dr Nilanjan Sarkar ( confirming your reasons for applying and which positions most appeal to you. Additionally please state which areas of study on South Asia interest you.

Please note these positions are unpaid. A reference letter will be offered at the end of the academic year upon completion of the ambassadorship.

Why should you apply?

Becoming an LSE South Asia Centre Student Ambassador will allow you to engage with one of LSE’s most active research centres; in 2018-19 alone, the Centre organised 16 events, ranging from book discussions and seminars and workshops to live election analysis, commemorations of World War 1. Working for the Centre will give you the chance to make the most of your time at LSE over three academic terms, from developing professional skills like project management, time management, working in a team and writing clearly for a specific audience, while studying and becoming an active member of campus life and an integral member of the South Asia Centre team.