Autumn Term 2023

Autumn Term 2023




Friday | 1 December 2023 | 3pm UK | Online Event

Roundtable with art historians to discuss if art history can become global through transculturation, rather than economic globalisation.

SPEAKERS: Annie Coombes is Professor of Material and Visual Culture at Birkbeck University of London, and Founding Director of its Peltz Gallery; most recently, she has co-edited (with Ruth Phillips) Museum Transformations: Decolonization and Democratization (2020); Deborah Hutton is Professor of Art History at The College of New Jersey, with a specialism in South Asian art, global art history and visual culture; she is, most recently, co-author (with De-nin Lee) of The History of Asian Art -- A Global View : Prehistory to the Present (2023); Monica Juneja is Professor of Global Art History at the Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural StudiesHeidelberg University, and author of Can Art History be Made Global: Meditations from the Periphery (2023) -- the book being discussed at this event; Dr Matthew Volgraff is a cultural historian of science focusing on modern central Europe, and currently NOMIS Fellow at the University of Basel; he is co-editor (with Frank Fehrenbach) of Okologien des Ausdrucks ('Ecologies of Expression', 2022). 

DISCUSSANT: Parul Dave Mukherji is Professor in the School of Arts and Aesthetics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, and editor, most recently, of Ebrahim Alkazi - Directing Art: The Making of a Modern Indian Art World ( 2016).

CHAIR: Dr Nilanjan Sarkar is Deputy Director, LSE South Asia Centre (@SAsiaLSE). 

This event is part of our 'Fact & Fiction' series.

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Thursday | 23 November 2023 | 3pm UK / 8pm Pakistan / 8.30pm India & Sri Lanka | Online Event

A Conversation with contemporary artists about their concerns with wider contextual frameworks -- identity, community, secularism & nationhood.

SPEAKERS: Anoma (IG: @anomawijewardene) is a Sri Lankan artist whose work focuses on the climate crises, and on diversity, inclusivity, unity and healing with fellow humans; she has collaborated with scientists, activists and political advisors to create art communicated through various media; Shilpa Gupta (IG: @shilpaguptastudio) is a sculptor & installation artist based in Mumbai whose work speaks to contemporary issues of regional harmony & global relevance; she has recently published For, In Your Tongue, I Cannot Fit: Encounters with Prison (2022; co-edited with Salil Tripathi) which is based on her sound installation by the same name; Waqas Khan (IG: waqaskhaan) graduated as a printmaker, and has since established himself in Pakistan as an artist focused on large-scale minimalist drawings, with small dashes and dots leading to large entanglements. This idea of togetherness and being seen as one magnanimous totality he partly absorbs from his inclination towards literature and interest in the lives of sufi poets. 

CHAIR: Alnoor Bhimani (X: @AlnoorBhimani) is Director, LSE South Asia Centre, and Professor of Management Accounting at LSE. 

This event was not recorded.

Banner image © Etienne Girardet, 'NO WAR: Piece of Art in the Streets of Berlin', 2022, Unsplash.


BANGLADESH SINCE 1971: Economic Ideas & Contemporary Realities

Thursday | 16 November 2023 | 3pm UK / 9pm Bangladesh | Online Event

A discussion between experts on the hopes of Bangladesh as an economy at the time of its birth in 1971, and the realities of today.

SPEAKER: Kaushik Basu (@kaushikcbasu) is Carl Marks Professor of International Studies at Cornell University

DISCUSSANT: Naila Kabeer (@N_Kabeer) is Professor of Gender and Development at LSE, and Associate Faculty at International Inequalities Institute at LSE.

CHAIR: Dr Nilanjan Sarkar is Deputy Director, LSE South Asia Centre (@SAsiaLSE). 

This event is in collaboration with Banglar Pathshala Foundation, Dhaka. 

Please click here to watch a recording of the event. 

Banner image © Kamal Hossain, 'Faridpur, Bangladesh', 2020, Unsplash.


PRIVATE HIGHER EDUCATION: Does it Help or Hinder South Asia?

Wednesday | 18 October 2023 | 3pm UK | 7pm Pakistan | 7.30pm India | Online Event

Student numbers in Higher Education today exceed 200 m; a third of them attend private institutions. What explains this trend in South Asia?

SPEAKERS: Nasreen M. Kasuri, an LSE alumnus, is an award-winning educationist and Founder & Chairperson of Beaconhouse School System (first as Les Anges Montessori Academy Lahore in 1975), the oldest and largest private school system in Pakistan; Pramath Raj Sinha (@PramathSinha) is Founder and Trustee of Ashoka University, one of the top Liberal Arts institutions in India. 

CHAIR: Alnoor Bhimani (@AlnoorBhimani) is Director, LSE South Asia Centre and Professor of Management Accounting at LSE. 

Please click here to watch a recording of the event.

Banner image © Joshua Hoehne, 2020, Unsplash.




Thursday | 12 October 2023 | 3pm UK / 7pm Pakistan / 7.30pm India & Sri Lanka / 8pm Bangladesh | Online Event

A Roundtable on a recently published book on Competition Law in South Asia with experts from across the region.

SPEAKERS: Dr Amber Darr (@AmberMDarr) is Lecturer in Competition Law at the University of Manchester, and author of Competition Law in South Asia: Policy Diffusion and Transfer (2023) -- which will be discussed at this event; Eleanor Fox is Walter J. Derenberg Professor Emerita of Trade Regulation at NYU School of Law, New York;  Dhanendra Kumar was the Founding Chairperson of Competition Commission of India, and is currently Chairman of Competition Advisory Services India (COMPAD); Hassan Qaqaya is an LSE alumnus, currently Senior Fellow at the University of Melbourne, and was until recently Head, UNCTAD Competition and Consumer Policies Branch in Geneva; Dr Joseph Wilson is a Barrister & Solicitor, and Adjunct Faculty Member at McGill University, Canada. 

DISCUSSANT: Dina Waked is Professor at  Sciences Po Law School in Paris, and her expertise includes Comparative Competition Law, Antitrust, and Regulation amongst other themes. 

CHAIR: Dr Nilanjan Sarkar is Deputy Director, LSE South Asia Centre (@SAsiaLSE). 

This event is part of our 'Fact & Fiction' series.

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Thursday | 5 October 2023 | 3pm UK / 7pm Pakistan

Beyond intra-élite power tussles, how can we understand the crisis of political authority in Pakistan today, and democratic futures?

SPEAKERS: Dr Mahvish Ahmad (@mahvishahmad) is Assistant Professor in Human Rights and Politics in the Department of SociologyLSE, and Co-Director of LSE Human RightsDr Asha Amirali (@AshaAmirali), an LSE alumnus, is Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for Development StudiesUniversity of BathDr Yasser Kureshi (@Y2Kureshi) is Departmental Lecturer in South Asian Studies at the Oxford School of Global and Area StudiesUniversity of OxfordDr Ayyaz Mallick is Lecturer in Human Geography in the Department of Geography & PlanningUniversity of Liverpool.

DISCUSSANT: Dr Umair Javed (@umairjav), an LSE alumnus, is British Academy Visiting Fellow at the LSE South Asia Centre, and Assistant Professor in Politics & Sociology at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Pakistan.

CHAIR: Dr Nilanjan Sarkar is Deputy Director, LSE South Asia Centre (@SAsiaLSE).

Please click here to watch a recording of the event. 

Banner image © Element5Digital, 2018, Unsplash.