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South Asia Centre 2015-2020



MB Low Quality"We have often been characterised as punching above our weight, and it gives me enormous pleasure to confirm this perception."

Mukulika Banerjee Inaugural Director 2015-2020


The South Asia Centre was established in 2015 to forefront LSE’s world-class multidisciplinary expertise on the countries of the region, and the region as a whole as it rises to become an economic and political powerhouse in the 21st century. This expertise is reflected not only in the research interests of LSE’s teaching faculty, but also through the research of its PhD scholars, Fellows, visitors, and the incredible social and academic activities of our students through the students unions.

The Centre has harnessed the energy of this expertise, and galvanised everyone to think individually and collectively about the region – through our events, Fellowships, conferences, blogposts, Working Papers, and other opportunities. The Centre also fostered the establishment of the LSE South Asia Society to enable students to engage similarly with the region.

As we mark #First5Years, we take some comfort in knowing that we have established the presence of LSE as a leading hub for South Asia in the highly competitive arena of South Asia-focused activities in London, and the United Kingdom. To mark this milestone, these pages bring together the ‘Top 5’ scores.

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LSE-UC Berkeley Bangladesh Summit 2

LSE-UC Berkeley Bangladesh Summit 1

Working paper #1: Minority Rights

Working paper #2: The Idea of Bangladesh

Working paper #3: Civil Society and the State