5 Most Popular Videos


1. Interview: Jignesh Mevani and Kanhaiya Kumar


As Indians voted in the 17th Parliamentary elections, Jignesh Mewani and Kanhaiya Kumar talked to South Asia @ LSE about why the 2019 elections mattered so much for the future of India. Interview conducted by Sarthak Bagchi.

2. The Urgency of Secularism: Amartya Sen and Yogendra Yadav


In June 2018, LSE South Asia Centre brought a unique and insightful discussion on the urgency of secularism in India with Amartya Sen and Yogendra Yadav, moderated by Mukulika Banerjee. 

3. COVID-19 in South Asia: A Comparative Perspective


As COVID-19 swept across South Asia, the Centre held a wide-angled comparative perspective on the spread and containment of the virus in South Asia, focusing especially on responses to the pandemic from governments, public health bodies and citizens.

4. Philanthropy & Institution-Building panel: Pakistan at 70


In April 2018, the Centre organised ‘Pakistan at 70’, the first ever ‘LSE Pakistan Summit’ and the first global summit to be organised by an international university in Pakistan. Of four panels, it was the Philanthropy & Institution-Building session that proved the most popular with our online audience.

5. Annual Bacha Khan Lecture - Experiments with Education for Peace in Pakistan's History


In March 2019, the Centre hosted the annual Bacha Khan Lecture delivered by Khadim Hussain. Co-chaired by Ziauddin Yousafzai and Mukulika Banerjee, the lecture, which critically engaged with the development of Pakistan’s education system, was also a celebration of Pashtun literature and poetry with readings by prominent poets and writers including Rahmat Shah Sayel.