5 Most Read Long Reads 2015-2020


1. Long Read: Coronavirus and the Bangladesh economy: Navigating the global COVID-19 shutdown

Sajid Amit 

As governments across the world enforce lockdowns to suppress the spread of Covid-19, and with global markets set for their worst quarter since the 2008 financial crisis, what will be the impact on Bangladesh’s economy? Here Sajid Amit provides an overview of how small businesses, startups, the financial sectors, consumer demand, remittances and the ready-made garment sector will fare in the coming months.

2. Long Read: The Reko Diq ‘Fiasco’ in Perspective: Pakistan’s Experience of International Investment Arbitration

Amber Darr 

As Pakistan faces an ICSID award for damages for its 2011 decision to deny a mining lease for the Reko Diq project to Tethyan Copper Company Pty Limited, Amber Darr explains how the real issue for Pakistan is not just the colossal damages they may have to pay, but to accept responsibility for what appears to have been a crisis of governance.

3. Long Read | India online: How social media will impact the 2019 Indian General Election

Sangeeta Mahapatra

With an estimated 900 million Indians expected to vote Sangeeta Mahapatra asks how will India’s two major political parties use social networking sites, messages services, websites, blogs and apps to bypass the mainstream media and speak directly to voters in 2019?

4. Long Read: A Pakistani homeland for Buddhism: Buddhist art, Muslim nationalism and global public history

Andrew Amstutz 

Buddhist iconography is an important element in India’s national flag and national emblem, and Buddhist sites in India, such as the Ajanta Caves and Bodh Gaya are well known. In contrast, Pakistan’s engagement with its own Buddhist heritage has received far less attention. Andrew Amstutz explains his ongoing research that examines the place of Buddhism in museums and public history in Pakistan.

5. Long Read: The importance of being Kanhaiya Kumar

Sarthak Bagchi

As Indians vote in the country’s 17th parliamentary elections, Sarthak Bagchi goes on the campaign trail with Kanhaiya Kumar in Begusarai in what he argues is one of the key electoral contest in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.