Dr Rebecca Elliott

Dr Rebecca Elliott

Assistant Professor

Department of Sociology

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STC S211
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Key Expertise
Climate Change, Insurance, Risk, Governance, Disaster

About me

I joined the London School of Economics in 2016 as an Assistant Professor, after receiving my Ph.D. in sociology from the University of California, Berkeley. My research interests span economic sociology, political sociology, environmental sociology, and knowledge production and science studies. I am particularly interested in how the environmental impacts of climate change are confronted as economic problems. My current book project is a multi-method study of the economic and political governance of climate change. With flood insurance as its empirical lens, it examines transformations in the calculation and distribution of flood risk as the American state responds to the rising costs of flood losses. Other work also focuses on the intersection of the economic and environmental, with a focus on “green” consumption. In a quite different vein, I am also collaborating on a project about wine classification in the U.S. and France, which engages questions of expertise, culture, taste, and the institutionalization of judgments about “quality.”

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Selected Work:


2021. Underwater: Loss, Flood Insurance, and the Moral Economy of Climate Change in the United States. Columbia University Press.

Journal Publications

2018. “The Sociology of Climate Change as a Sociology of Loss.” European Journal of Sociology 59(3): 301-337.

2018. "‘Scarier than another storm’: Values at risk in the mapping and insuring of U.S. floodplains." British Journal of Sociology.

2017. "Gender and Green Consumption: Relational, Practical, Material." Journal of Consumer Ethics 1(2): 92-99. 

2017. "Who Pays for the Next Wave? The American Welfare State and Responsibility for Flood Risk." Politics & Society 45(3): 415-440. 

2013. “The taste for green: The possibilities and dynamics of status differentiation through “green” consumption.” Poetics 41(3): 294-322. 

Work in Progress

“The Type and the Grade: On the Institutional Scaffolding of the Judgment of Taste,” with Marion Fourcade (University of California, Berkeley) and Olivier Jacquet (Université de Bourgogne).

Expertise Details

Climate Change; Insurance; Risk; Governance; Disaster