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Economic Sociology

This research cluster unites scholarship associated with economic sociology, science and technology studies (STS) and the sociology of risk regulation, and our work has particular strengths in addressing research questions that require a combination of concepts and methods from these sub-disciplines. We draw upon a range of classical and contemporary social theory to explore topics such as the social life and politics of money, the history of financialisation, the impact of digital technologies on time poverty and speed, consumption, marketing and creative industries, and formation of art markets. 

Our economic sociology is concerned with how technologies and cultures of expertise shape institutions, cultures, money and markets. We explore risk regulation in the light of broader concerns for organisational processes and techniques of governance. In addition, we draw on economic sociology and STS in order to investigate phenomena such as digital money, everyday technologies and labour. 

Lastly, we study scientific fields and practices, particularly in the areas of bioscience and medicine, where dialogue with economic sociologists stimulates new insights on the meaning of labour in science. 


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