Proofs and Refutations by former LSE Professor Imre Lakatos is coming out in print again as part of the ‘Cambridge Philosophy Classics‘ book series.

Proofs and Refutations is one of the great classics in the philosophy of mathematics, produced as a manuscript by LSE Professor Imre Lakatos during the height of his career as an elaboration of his 1963/1964 essays, but unfortunately not published before his sudden death in 1974. Proofs and Refutations was first published in 1976 thanks to the editorial work of his colleagues John Worrall and Elie Zahar, and soon became a classic and influential work in the field.

The book is returning to print thanks to Cambridge University Press, as part of the new ‘Cambridge Philosophy Classics’ book series. It will soon be available in paperback for £14.99/$24.99.

Want to hear Lakatos himself speak? Have a listen to these audio clips of his lectures from his tribute page.

Hear Lakatos Speak:

“Science and Pseudoscience” BBC Radio Talk

Lecture 6: Popper and the rules of the game of science

Lecture 7: Falsification and intellectual honesty