Now into its 3rd year, LSE Philosophy’s work with the Harris Experience will continue into 2017/8 with our research students using short stories to introduce philosophy and ethics to secondary schools.

The Harris Experience is a unique cultural and academic enhancement programme offered to students from across the Harris Federation’s secondary schools. The programme gives students access to a wealth of high-end cultural experiences, ranging from world class art auctioneering and trips to the Royal Opera House to bespoke lecture programmes at some of the country’s top universities.

LSE Philosophy has been working with the Harris Experience since 2014, introducing secondary school students to key philosophical and ethical issues through the use of short stories from around the world.


PhD student, Chloé de Canson, leads a philosophy discussion group as part of the Harris Experience.


Led by Prof Luc Bovens as part of his “Teaching Ethics through Short Stories” project, the scheme has seen our research students leading discussion sessions on topics such as identity through time, Kantian ethics and nudge theory. These sessions provide secondary school students with accessible introductions to the kinds of philosophical and ethical ideas and arguments that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to as part of their formal education.

As Prof Bovens puts it: “Short stories – much more so than the classics or contemporary journals of professional philosophy – are a terrific tool for teaching ethics. They do not preach, but they transport the reader to the very core of moral quandaries and invite us to ask pertinent questions.”

We’re very pleased to confirm that our involvement with the Harris Experience will continue into the 2017-2018 academic year. Watch this space for updates!


“The LSE philosophy seminars were truly an enlightening, eye opening experience for me. As a student who has always taken an interest in the subject but never had an opportunity to study it these sessions served as both an accessible and enjoyable introduction to the field of study, academically broadening my horizons.”

— Josh, Harris City Academy Crystal Palace