The Cyberscene Project

Overcoming victim blaming and bystander effects through social theatre: Masterclass Cyberscene project evaluation

About the Cyberscene Project

The charity organisation Masterclass acknowledged that cyber bullying was a topic of immediate concern amongst today’s most avid digital users. In 2016 Masterclass Trust partnered with anti-bullying charity, Kidscape, to develop and deliver the Cyberscene project – a creative, hands-on learning project, which was to use theatre to support the health and wellbeing of young people aged 16-19 affected by cyber-bullying. With circa 120 participating students across the colleges, Masterclass and a team of theatre industry professionals delivered extensive workshops which explored students’ experiences, opinions and concerns around internet matters.

Project evaluation

Professor Ellen Helsper was engaged by Masterclass to evaluate The Cyberscene Project. The aim of the collaboration between Cyberscene and the LSE was to evaluate both the participants and the play. The participants were surveyed at different stages of the project to track their perceptions and awareness of cyber bullying. 

The collaboration with the LSE resulted in material for schools to create a theatre play and generate awareness around cyberbullying, as well as the theatre play Cookies which was staged and turned into a film at the Royal Haymarket Theatre


Helsper, E.J. (2020) Overcoming victim blaming and bystander effects through social theatre: Masterclass Cyberscene project evaluation. London (UK): LSE & Theatre Royal Haymarket’s Masterclass Trust.


Attitudes and Perceptions


Turning Points


Social Context and Support Structures


Literacy, Skills and Resilience 


Awareness, Knowledge & Risk Perception