Study data science at LSE

As businesses, governments and academic institutions increasingly rely on data-driven decision-making, one of the main challenges they face is addressing the significant skills gap that exists in the field of data science.

The London School of Economics runs three data science degree programmes, and is working to equip students, researchers and executives with the skills they need to tackle business, science and social questions from a data perspective through the understanding of extracting useful information and knowledge from data.

MSc in Data Science


The MSc in Data Science offers training in data science methods, with a focus on statistical perspectives. The programme offers students a solid theoretical foundation of statistical methods, as well as machine learning and data mining methods, and enables them to gain knowledge and hands-on experience in using modern computational tools and platforms that process small and large scale data. Students can choose to specialise in advanced topics in statistics and computing, and acquire analytical and quantitative skills in special application domains, such as finance and risk management. Capstone projects provide the opportunity of working on a real-world data science problem in collaboration with a corporate partner. 

This programme is based within the Department of Statistics.

MSc in Operations Research and Analytics


The MSc in Operations Research and Analytics provides mathematically oriented students with the skills needed to apply mathematical methods to real-world problems faced by companies, governments and other institutions. The programme delivers practical training in modelling, along with the theory of mathematical optimisation, statistics, dynamic programming and other fundamental techniques, with specialised options including combinatorial optimisation, integer programming, and algorithmic data mining. Capstone projects offer students the opportunity to undertake a consultancy role in a host organisation, and provide a solution with tangible benefits to a problem faced by the organisation.

This programme is based in the Department of Mathematics.

MSc in Applied Social Data Science


The MSc in Applied Social Data Science offers students with a background in social sciences the chance to use data to answer social, economic or political questions using the tools of data analysis, data science and computation. The programme offers a series of courses in project-based programming, applied quantitative methods, and research principles in data science, designed for students without a formal computing or statistical background. Students will also have the opportunity to choose electives from other departments, reflecting their interests and backgrounds in a substantive research area. Capstone projects provide students with the opportunity to apply the technical skills they have learned to a project of their own design.

This programme is based in the Department of Methodology.