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Geography and Environment candidates

If you would like to get in touch for further information, our Director of Placement is Prof Olmo Silva

mook bangalore job market

Mook Bangalore 

PhD candidate in Environmental Policy & Development

Research interests:

- Weather shocks and household welfare
- Distributional impacts of climate change
- Evaluation of environmental policies 

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filippo boeri

Filippo Boeri

Doctor of Economic Geography

Research interests:

- International trade
- Urban/spatial economics
- Economics of organised crime
- Economics of education

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jeanne firth 2018

Jeanne Firth

Doctor of Human Geography and Urban Studies

Research interests: 

Celebrity humanitarianism
- Corporate philanthropy 
- Social movements 
- Race, whiteness and intersectionality
- Wealth and poverty
- Development 
- Agriculture 
- The environment and sustainability 
- Feminist methodologies

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caroline ioramashvili Cropped (1)

Carolin Ioramashvili

PhD candidate in Economic Geography

Research interests: 

- Labour economics
- Regional development
- Income inequality
- Innovation

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