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Department advice and guidance

Undergraduate students

Undergraduate class changes for FM Courses

Class change requests must now be completed online via LSE for You. However, relevant information to support each request is still required by the Department.

To find details of how to change your class and the information that you will need to provide, please see the Process for Requesting a Class Change page. You should read this information IN FULL before submitting a request to change.

Applications without the appropriate documentation and which do not follow the process described will not be considered.


You should continue to attend the class which is shown on your timetable until you receive confirmation as to whether your request to change has been approved.

Class attendance is compulsory and attending a class different from the one in your timetable (even if the class teacher has approved) is only allowed once the change process is completed. Failure to attend the class on your timetable can lead to lack of information on attendance and, consequently, a bar from entering examinations at the end of the year.

Undergraduate FM Course Feedback

We would like to hear your feedback and comments on our courses. You can give feedback to your lecturers, course leader or at your Department's SSLC.

Master's students

MSc programmes

The Department of Finance provides information for current students on the website and on LSE Moodle.

How to access Moodle

If you are a student on one of the Department's MSc Programmes, click on the links below to access relevant information:

Information for non-Department of Finance students

FM429 + FM431 or FM430?

This year students will be given the choice between taking the FM430 Corporate Finance and Asset Markets in either:

  1. Michaelmas and Lent terms (one lecture and class per week) or
  2. entirely in Michaelmas term (two lectures and classes per week).

This will allow students the option to front load this general finance course, leaving more time for the wide range of options in Lent term. Please see the FM430 info sheet for more information.

The creation of FM429 Asset Markets A and FM431 Corporate Finance A (Lent term or Michaelmas Term) now offers the possibility for some students (depending upon their programme regulations) to take either half of FM430 as a stand alone half unit.

Feedback on FM courses

We would like to heard your feedback and comments on our courses. You can give feedback to your lecturers, course leader or at your own Department's SSLC.

PhD students  

Who's Who for PhD Finance students

  • Head of Department: Professor Daniel Ferreira
    The Head of Department has overall responsibility for Departmental administration
  • MRes/PhD Programme Director: Dr Mike Burkart
    Responsible for all day-to-day decisions regarding the PhD programme
  • MRes/PhD Programme Manager: Ms Mary Comben
    Supporting the programme and the student tutors, with particular responsibility for all administrative matters relating to the programme
  • Part Time Teacher's Administrator: Ms Mary Comben
    Responsible for the recruitment and management of part-time class teachers
  • Dean of Graduate Studies: Dr Sunil Kumar
    Responsible for the oversight of MPhil/PhD students at the level of the School

Staff/Student Committee

General information

This committee provides a forum within which academic staff and students on the MPhil/ PhD programme can raise and discuss issues relating to:

  • doctoral teaching within the Department
  • the content and design of doctoral courses
  • Departmental administration
  • the facilities provided by the department and the School

The committee meets once in each term of the academic year.

Composition of the committee

  • Ms Mary Comben, m.comben@lse.ac.uk  Committee secretary
  • Staff: the doctoral programme directors, head of department and departmental manager are permanent members of the committee. Meetings are chaired by a member of staff. Doctoral course leaders will usually attend these meetings
  •  Dr Mike Burkart, Chair, Finance Doctoral Programme Director
  • Ms Osmana Raie, o.raie@lse.ac.uk  Departmental Manager

Study Rooms for Research students

The department provides its research students with dedicated research space in shared offices, either within the Department or in associated research centres, such as the FMG.

The office accommodation has been extensively refurbished and provides students with comfortable and well-equipped study space with up to date computers and printers. Access to phone and fax is available through the Department, and computers are linked to the School network as well as the internet.

Research students have access to School photocopiers, and are provided with a generous photocopy allowance, which may be increased on request (contact Mary Comben). There are also a number of dedicated spaces for research students set aside in the Library.

Accessing the job market

As you progress towards the end of your PhD, you may start looking for an academic job.  Each year, the department provides support and assistance to PhD students as they start this process.  Part of this assistance includes developing a specific job market webpage which directs recruiters to information on those PhD students who are ready to go onto the job market.

Please contact the Placement Officers for further advice on going on the job market.

If you are a non-EU student and have any queries about obtaining a UK Work Visa, please contact the LSE's International Student Immigration Service.