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Staff Student Liaison Committees (SSLC)

Department of Finance SSLC

The Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC) provides a forum within which academic staff and students on the Department's Programmes can raise and discuss issues relating to:

  • teaching within the Department

  • the content and design of courses

  • Departmental administration

  • the facilities provided by the Department and the School

The committees meet once each term during the academic year. Information about the meeting dates and student representatives for each Finance programme will be posted on the relevant Moodle programme portal.

Students outside the Department

Undergraduate and postgraduate students taking FM courses but homed outside the Department have the opportunity to comment on Finance courses at a termly FM Course Feedback Meeting.

Any students are welcome to attend these meetings to give feedback on the Finance courses that they are taking. The meetings are chaired by the Head of Department.

The meetings take place once per term and information about the date of the next meeting will be communicated to students when available.