Process for requesting a class change

Due to the very large number of students for which the Department of Finance provides class teaching and in the absence of an effective electronic mechanism allowing choice of class times, the Department is able to consider requests of class change only in exceptional circumstances . This code of practice is intended to make the procedure transparent, quick and fair.

Guidelines for transfer requests

The most common valid reasons for transfer, when properly documented, are:

  •  More than five hours of classes and lectures in a row without a break
  •   Religious obligations

Examples of non-valid reasons for which a change will NOT normally be granted are:

  • Commuting (distance or time of day)
  • A clash with part-time work (work should be scheduled around classes and lectures)
  • Wish to have (or not to have) teaching concentrated in one day
  • Extracurricular activities which may be done at a choice of time during the week
  • Weekend travel
  • Preference for a different teacher

How to make a class change request

If you wish to submit a request to change a FM class you can apply to change class online via LSE for You.

You will need to supply online or by email:

1. written evidence in support of your reason for requesting a class change (e.g. from your religious leader - imam, rabbi, priest, guru);

2. a copy of your weekly timetable.

Applications without the appropriate documented evidence will not be considered.

You may make a request for a class change any time up to 5.30pm on Friday, week 5 of term (unless the reason emerged, for the first time, after that date).

If, in exceptional circumstances, you are unable to provide written evidence for a particular reason, please discuss your reasons with the Department of Finance's BSc Programme Manager, Bethany Bloomer (,  during working hours. Genuine requests will be treated sympathetically.

What to do next

If your request is approved, you will receive email notification and the revised class details will be posted on your individual timetable within three working days. If your request is not approved, you will be informed by email.


You must continue to attend the class you were originally timetabled for until you receive the email notification of the approval. Class attendance is compulsory. Attending a class different from the one in your timetable before approval (even with the authorisation of the class teacher) can lead to lack of information on attendance and, possibly, even a bar from entering examinations at the end of the year.

Other queries

If you have concerns over the way you are being taught by a particular class teacher, in the first instance please discuss your concerns (e.g. could s/he please finish the material, could s/he speak more clearly, could s/he answer all questions, could s/he go slower/faster, etc.) in a constructive manner with the teacher during his/her office hours. Teachers welcome feedback and suggestions and are unaware of these problems unless students let them know.

If you have complaints you feel uncomfortable discussing with your teacher, you should apply for a class change online through LSE For You and specify the precise nature of the problem. You should then email the Department of Finance's BSc Programme Manager, Bethany Bloomer (, to let her know that you have submitted a request with such a complaint. The matter will be treated confidentially and sympathetically by the Departmental Tutor.

Further information

Further information about the undergraduate class-change procedure in general may be found on the Course choice pages.