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MPhil/PhD Programme

Research in European Studies

For those of you with a passion for research, we offer supervision and a wealth of expertise on our MPhil/PhD in European Studies.

The European Institute serves as a hub for all of the research expertise on Europe across LSE

Professor Simon Hix, LSE Pro-Director for Research

The PhD Programme at the LSE European Institute The PhD Programme at the LSE European Institute
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Why study at the European Institute?

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The MPhil/PhD programme provides a range of opportunities for learning research design and methodological skills, and guides students through the process of defining their topic and pursuing research in a variety of areas. The closeness of the research student community, which meets weekly to discuss students’ projects, and the close involvement of the faculty, make the European Institute a very special place to learn the craft of academic research.

After graduating, our students have successfully pursued a variety of academic and non-academic careers, in both cases benefitting from the skills, knowledge and contacts built up during their time at LSE. As well as the standard academic events such as seminars, webinars and conferences, we also organise and take part in events for the wider public and the world of policy practitioners, which provide students with invaluable networking opportunities.

In short, the European Institute offers a world-leading graduate programme for students wishing to research the myriad fascinating aspects of Europe, its politics, culture and economy. We welcome applications from students interested in this broad range of study, and we offer particular expertise in the subfields of Political EconomyPolitics and PolicyCulture and Societyand Migration.

Professor Jonathan Hopkin
Doctoral Programme Director

Our Research Community

We believe that developing your research capabilities is crucial, and so offer a dedicated seminar series and numerous development and methodology workshops, plus the opportunity to audit postgraduate taught courses.

The Europe@LSE research seminar series intends to provide a forum for research on Europe - both on the European Union and beyond its borders, and in all disciplines. Papers are given by external speakers, by staff and by research students. It is open to the wider academic public but it is hoped in particular that LSE staff and doctoral students become regular attendants so as to create a scholarly community.

We encourage our doctoral students to attend a number of conferences throughout the year, including: American Political Science Association (APSA), Council for European Studies (CES), European Council for Political Research (ECPR General) and Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE), and more.

The European Institute, in its effort to produce research that makes a difference beyond academia, also has a number of research projects.

Programme Structure

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PhD Career Destinations

Our PhD candidates gain numerous valuable skills whilst researching at the European Institute, and go on to follow a variety of career-paths.

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Job Market

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