PhD Career Destinations

European Institute



Dr. Sarah Ciaglia
Economist, Public Sector

Expertise: Fiscal Policy

Thesis: Why comply? Experimental Evidence on the European Stability and Growth Pact's Incentives for Member States

Supervisors: Kevin Featherstone & Paul De Grauwe



Dr. Antonio Barroso
Managing Director, Teneo & Adjunct Professor, Sciences Po Paris

Expertise: International Political Economy, EU Politics, Comparative Political Economy, Political Risk

Thesis: Essays on the Two-Level Political Economy of Eurozone Crisis Conditionality

Supervisors: Kevin Featherstone & Jonathan Hopkin

Hume-Michael 200x200

Dr. Michael Hume
Partner and Head of Strategy and Research, MKP Capital Management LLC 

Expertise: Global and European Financial imbalances and crises

Thesis: Essays on the crisis of monetary union

Supervisors: Paul De Grauwe & Waltraud Schelkle


Dr. Toon Van Overbeke
Assistant Professor of Europe, Climate and Digital Society, Maastricht University

Expertise: Comparative Political Economy, Comparative Politics, Knowledge Economy

Thesis: Essays in the political economy of automation: Power, politics, institutions and labour-saving technological change

Supervisors: Bob Hancké & Saul Estrin


Dr. Dustin Voss
Senior Researcher, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies

Expertise: Comparative political economy, Growth models, Financialisation

Thesis: The Political Economy of Finance in Germany: Actors, Coalitions, Institutions, and Power in Times of Global Financial Integration

Supervisors: Bob Hancké & Jonathan Hopkin


Kira Gartzou-Katsouyanni 200x200

Dr. Kira Gartzou-Katsouyanni
Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow, University of Oxford

Expertise: Comparative political economy, Collective action, Politics of place

Thesis: Cooperation against the odds: a study on the political economy of local development in a country with small firms and small farms

Supervisors: Bob Hancké & Vassilis Monastiriotis


Dr. Fabian Mushövel 
Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow, European University Institute

Expertise: Comparative Political Economy, Welfare States, Inequality and Redistribution, European Integration and Institutions, Technological Change

Thesis: Essays on the Political Economy of Economic Adjustment: Austerity, Labour Market Reforms, and Inequality

Supervisors: Waltraud Schelkle & Paul De Grauwe


Angelou-Angelos 200x200

Dr. Angelos Angelou
Teaching Fellow, University of Neapolis

Expertise: European Commission, crisis-management, economic governance, public policy

Thesis: Swimming against the tide: the European Commission and the politics of debt-relief

Supervisors: Kevin Featherstone & David Woodruff


Dr. Diane Bolet
Assistant Professor in Political Behaviour, University of Essex

Expertise: Political Behaviour, Comparative Politics, Far right politics, Western Europe

Thesis: "All politics is local": how local context explains radical right voting

Supervisors: Sara Hobolt & Simon Hix

Diessner Sebastian 2 200x200

Dr. Sebastian Diessner
Assistant Professor, Leiden University

Expertise: European political economy and public policy

Thesis: Essays in the political economy of central banking

Supervisors: Paul De Grauwe & Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey


Dr. Katerina Glyniadaki
Fellow in International Migration and Public Policy, LSE European Institute

Expertise: Migration, Public policy, Representative & street-level bureaucracy

Thesis: Migration policy in practice: identity conflicts and discretionary decisions at the front lines

Supervisors: Martin Lodge & Esra Özyürek


Dr. Hjalte Lokdam
Senior Business Analyst, Kearney

Expertise: Corporate strategy, Finance, Central banking

Thesis: Banking on sovereignty: a genealogy of the European central bank’s independence

Supervisors: Jonathan White & Michael Wilkinson


Dr. Marta Lorimer
Fellow in European Politics, LSE European Institute

Expertise: Far right, Political ideologies, Euroscepticsm, Differentiated integration

Thesis: Europe from the far right: Europe in the ideology of the Front National and Movimento Sociale Italiano/Alleanza Nazionale (1978-2017)

Supervisors: Jonathan White & Roger Eatwell