Flexible Europe: Differentiated Integration, Fairness and Democracy

Hosted by LSE European Institute and UCL European Institute

Gideon Schreier Lecture Theatre, London, United Kingdom

Join us and the UCL European Institute for a launch of the new book ‘Flexible Europe. Differentiated Integration, Fairness, and Democracy’ by Richard Bellamy, Sandra Kröger, and Marta Lorimer. 

Abstract of 'Flexible Europe. Differentiated Integration, Fairness, and Democracy'

The European Union (EU) is often portrayed as sacrificing national diversity for European unity. This book explores the alternative of a flexible EU based on differentiated rather than uniform integration. 

The authors combine normative theory with empirical research on political party actors to assess the desirability and political acceptability of differentiated integration as a means of accommodating heterogeneity in the EU. They examine the circumstances and institutional design needed for flexibility to promote rather than undermine fairness and democracy within and between member states.

Clear, balanced, and accessible, the book provides fresh thinking on the future of the EU.

The speakers for the event are: 

  • Richard Bellamy, Professor of Political Science, UCL Dept of Political Science
  • Marta Lorimer, Fellow in European Politics, LSE European Institute
  • Oliver Gerstenberg, Senior Lecturer, UCL Laws
  • Charles Grant, Director, Centre for European Reform
  • Sean Hanley, Associate Professor in Comparative Central and East European Politics, UCL SSEES
  • Waltraud Schelkle, Professor in Political Economy, LSE European Institute
  • Stella Ladi, Reader in PublicManagement, Queen Mary University of London (TBC)
  • Chair: Claudia Sternberg, Head of Academic Programmes, UCL European Institute

The discussion will take place in person, and will be followed by drinks.

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