Worldwide, the healthcare sector is continuously facing new challenges caused by a rising life expectancy on the one hand and a decrease in financial and human resources on the other. This leads to significant pressures for public health practitioners, pharmaceutical companies and international organisations.

Life expectancy is rising while financial and human resources decrease; how do we tackle the challenges caused by this?

Our goal is to support healthcare systems, at both national and international level, by proposing innovative solutions on funding, staffing and performance. Our research covers three macro-areas: disease management, medical technology financing and health technology assessment.

Issues around day-to-day health conditions, including causes, treatments and prevention, are the focus of our work: from increasing obesity rates to dietary changes, the management of long-term conditions, and current practices around the early regulatory approval of new drugs. Additionally, we focus on the application of new technologies to improve issues affecting public health. For example, how can we use smartphone-based technology to reduce hospital waiting times? And how can the use of big data increase success rates in medical diagnosis?

In recent years, we have done research on how different pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement regulations translate into more positive or more negative outcomes for the healthcare system overall. Another project has focused on the variation in management approaches of Multiple Sclerosis, which led to identifying the potential socio-economic and personal benefits of a paradigm shift in the management of the disease since the first diagnosis. 

Who we work with

We work closely with LSE academics in relevant school departments and units, such as LSE Health, LSE’s Medical Technology Research Group (MTRG), the Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU), and the Department of Social Policy. We also work with large number of external collaborators to deliver our projects.

Areas of expertise

Health policy and financing

What we do:

Reviews and analyses of healthcare financing systems and strategies across the world, including in-depth research on issues of insurance, coverage, affordability, and accessibility. 

Examples of our work:

Improving Access to Contraception
Pfizer, 2017

Peripheral Patients? A call to action on Peripheral Arterial Disease
AstraZeneca, 2016

Efficiency Review of Austria's Social Insurance and Healthcare System - Volume 1: International Comparisons and Policy Options
Austrian Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection, 2017

Core experts:

>   Professor Ali McGuire
>   Professor Elias Mossialos
>   Dr Jennifer Gill
>   Dr Panos Kanavos
>   Dr Tony Hockley

Pharmaceutical policy and economics

What we do:

Analyses of medical technology financing (including issues of procurement, reimbursement, and risk-sharing agreements), health technology assessments, and value based assessments through the MCDA methodology. 

Examples of our work:

Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement in the Middle East and North Africa Region: A Mapping of the Current Landscape and Options for the Future
PhRMA, 2018

The use of Real World Evidence – Opportunities for Europe
F. Hoffmann - La Roche, 2016-2018

External Reference Pricing within and across countries
Pfizer, 2016-2017

Tender Loving Care? Purchasing Medicines for Continuing Therapeutic Improvement and Better Health Outcomes
Baxalta, 2016

Towards Better Outcomes in Multiple Sclerosis by Addressing Policy Change
F. Hoffmann - La Roche, 2016

Core experts:

>   Professor Ali McGuire
>   Dr Aris Angelis
>   Professor Elias Mossialos
>   Dr Jennifer Gill
>   Dr Joan Costa-Font
>   Dr Michela Tinelli
>   Dr Panos Kanavos
>   Victoria Tzouma

Social care and mental health

What we do:

Research into issues of long-term care financing, and the social and economic impact of autism, mental health, social and informal care.

Examples of our work:

Making the Economic Case for Investing in Actions to Prevent and/or Tackle Loneliness: A Systematic Review
Campaign to End Loneliness (Independent Age), 2017

Commissioning Cost-Effective Services for Promotion of Mental Health and Wellbeing and Prevention of Mental Ill-Health
Public Health England, 2017

Best Practice for Perinatal Mental Health Care: The Economic Case
NHS England, 2016

Evaluation of Policy and Practice to Promote Mental Health in the Workplace in Europe
European Commission - DG for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, 2014

Core experts:

>   David McDaid
>   Dr Jose-Luis Fernandez
>   Professor Martin Knapp

Evaluation of treatments or disease outcomes

Specialist services


Performance Evaluation Services
Person-centred outcomes and value for innovation in health and social care management

Our performance evaluations aim to improve the quality of decisions made by all actors within the health system and offer stakeholders a major opportunity to secure improvements in healthcare provision and health system accountability.

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