Improving Outcomes for People with Multiple Sclerosis (MS): Review of the International MultiPlE Sclerosis Study (IMPrESS) findings

October 2017

Improving Outcomes for People with MS

MS is associated with a high cost of illness and a clear deterioration in health and wellbeing of both people with MS and their caregivers.

There is a need to achieve better outcomes for people living with MS and evidence within the IMPrESS by the London School of Economics suggests that this can be addressed. The IMPrESS report assesses the socio-economic and personal impact of MS and presents evidence on the need for a paradigm shift in the management of MS.

This report is an extension of the IMPrESS study and unites the recommendations from IMPrESS and ‘Brain health: time matters in multiple sclerosis’ into a single document outlining the key recommendations for policy actions which are needed to deliver a substantive change in the way MS is managed.