Dr Michela Tinelli

Assistant Professorial Research Fellow, Care Policy and Evaluation Centre (CPEC; formerly PSSRU)

Michela Tinelli

Dr Michela Tinelli’s research is primarily concerned with the socioeconomic impact of chronic diseases, the development (and investigation of the benefits of) person-centred approaches in social and health care. She is also interested in developing person-relevant outcome measures (PROMs) and their use to inform policy and practice decision-making.

With her work at LSE she develops and applies cost and outcome performance measurements and long-term monitoring system to support person-centred care and inform policy and practice decision-making across settings.

She is currently collaborating with LSE Consulting on several fronts:

  • The evaluation of the socioeconomic burden of chronic diseases and their impact on health and wellbeing as well as person experiences.
  • The development and implementation of innovative person-centred services for individuals with chronic diseases.
  • The development and implementation of person-centred evaluation tools to monitor performance and functioning of social and health care organisation and delivery.

Michela is also leading two LSE Innovation-funded projects looking at the development of new person-centered technologies with application in health and social care and business.

As a quantitative researcher, she has specialist skills in stated preferences techniques and other benefit evaluations in health policy developments, including clinical outcomes, health related quality of life, and patient satisfaction and experiences, which she has applied in benefit and economic evaluations. She also has expertise in survey development and design.

Michela has a PhD (in Health Economics and Primary Care) and an MSc (in Public Health and Health Services Research) from the University of Aberdeen, as well as an MSc (in Pharmacoeconomics) and a Professional Doctorate Degree (in Pharmaceutical Chemistry) from the University of Milan, Italy.

Expertise: chronic disease; health care; health economics; health policy; pharmaceutical chemistry; public health; social care; socioeconomics

LSE Consulting projects: