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Anthropology PhD Destinations

The majority of our PhD students continue to academic posts, whilst a smaller number have gone on to enjoy careers in other fields.  Of the fifty four PhD students who graduated between 2016 and 2022, forty two have proceeded to either post-doctoral research or teaching fellowships, or to permanent academic appointments.

Most of those with permanent academic appointments are working in departments of Social Anthropology, though our PhD students have, in the past, also gone on to work in departments of Geography and Archaeology. These permanent posts are at Edinburgh, Cambridge, Oxford, Kent, Manchester, SOAS, Goldsmiths, Bristol, Aberystwyth and UCL. Others have appointments at the University of Hong Kong, Bogazici University in Turkey and the Marino Institute of Education in Dublin.

Post doctoral teaching and research fellowships, held at institutions across the world, are the first destination for the great majority of our PhD students.  These include fellowships at the following universities and centres: LSE; Princeton University, USA; Oxford; Ghent University, Belgium; Edinburgh; Kent School of Anthropology and Conservation; Rotterdam International Institute of Social Studies, the Netherlands; European Research Centre on Contemporary Taiwan, University of Tübingen, Germany; Manchester; Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzen, China; University of Bern, Switzerland; Centre for Indigenous and Intercultural Research, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile; University of Vienna, Austria; The Emerging Technologies Research Lab, Monash University, Melbourne; Cambridge; the Centre for Energy Ethics at St Andrews. Named fellowships include the Evans-Pritchard Fellowship at the Oxford School of Global and Area Studies and the Smuts Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge.

Non Academic Careers: Not all PhD students wish to pursue an academic career. Our graduates have gone on to work in publishing, in development (for example, co-ordinating gender programmes for the UN) within business and corporations, as freelance writers and as tutors in mental health trusts. 


Ajibade, Kat (post-field)
Area of interest: Senegal
Interests: Anthropology of Catholicism, African Catholicism, Catholic inculturation and vocation

Albrecht-Lazo, Julian (pre-field)
Area of interest: Venezuela/Amazon
Interests: Sovereignty, violence, frontier dynamics

Alcalde, Miguel (post-field)
Area of interest: Urban Croatia
Interests: Cognitive and psychological anthropology, attention, subjective experience, practices of self-development, religion (especially Christianity) 

ap Gwilym, Cai (in the field)
Area of interest: Alberta, Canada
Interests: Anthropology of Taxation, Oil and Gas extraction, Conservative Politics

Balan, Maria (in the field)Area of interest: BoliviaInterests: street children, responsibility, inhalant abuse

Bazambanza, Caroline (post-field)
Area of interest: London
Interests: reproductive health, motherhood and race

del Gallo, Marco (post-field)
Area of interest: Indonesia
Interests: Urban ecology, labour, infrastructure, small-scale fisheries

Dillabough-Lefebvre, Dominique (post-field)
Area of interest: Burma/Myanmar
Interests: Environmental anthropology, political and economic anthropology, agrarian transitions


Figueroa-De-La-Ossa, Giselle (post-field)
Area of interest: UK and Colombia
Interests: gold mining, financial markets, political economy of accumulation and speculation

Flatau, Sasha (post-field)
Area of interest: Colombian Amazon
Interests: Anthropology of Amazonia, Anthropology of Childhood, Justice, Morality

Giattino, Angela (post-field)
Area of interest: Peruvian Amazon
Interest: Higher indigenous intercultural education; Amazonian youth; educational inequality; subjectivity and cognition

Gonzalez Rosas, Arturo (post-field)
Area of interest: Peruvian, Colombian and Brazilian tri-border region in Amazonia
Interests: Social movements; Indigenous identity; State-making 

Jaede, Riccardo (post-field)
Area of interest: West Bengal, India
Interests: Anthropology of ethics; urban anthropology

Jiang, Jiarong (in the field)
Area of interest: Tibetan region in China
Interests: interspecies and multispecies (or multi-entities) studies; pastoralism; political ecology and environment; practicing religion and Tibetan Buddhism

Jivraj, Naseem (post-field) 
Area of interest: UK
Interests: Migrant South Asian women, transnational family breakdown, UK asylum process, legal, social and emotional precarity, mental health, domestic abuse, Psychological Anthropology and Anthropology of Personhood


Kong, Pengyin (post-field)
Area of interest: China, Tibet
Interests: Infrastructure; labor; ethnic identity 

Lai, Fred (post-field)
Area of interest: China
Interests: Dementia, kinship, politics and ethics of care

Lamare, Gertrude (post-field)
Area of interest; India and Bangladesh
Interests: Colonial infrastructure, ruins, roads and markets

Li, Dan (post-field)
Area of interest: China
Interests: informal economy; technology; market

Li, Yue (pre-field)
Area of interest: China
Interests: migrant labour; gender; political and economic anthropology 

Madden, Rhys (post-field)
Area of interest: UK, Guyana, Mauritius
Interests: Ambivalence, uncertainty and doubt; migration histories; flooding; coastal habitat restoration; material culture

McMahon, Tierra (post-field) 
Area of Interest: Morocco
Interests: Animal sacrifice; mutuality, serving & hierarchy; kinship; conceptions of nature; religion in practice; the political economy of modernity

Milano, Annaliese (post-field)
Area of interest: UK/US
Interests: cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and open source software; value, digital labor and capitalism; digital ethnography

Mohd Nizal, Sarah (pre-field)
Area of interest: Sarawak/Malaysian Borneo
Interests: memory and affect, houses, temporal landscapes, material culture

Osborn, Nick (post-field)
Area of interest: Guatemala
Interests: christianity; ethics; memory and migration, anthropology of plantations 

Pradhan, Sagarika (in the field)
Area of interest: India
Interests: Disability; Schooling; Self-Identity and Personhood

Rose, Rahul (post-field)
Area of interest: India, UK
Interests: attention; attention economy; hinduism; history of yoga; COVID-19 response in India

Ruzol, Clarissa (post-field)
Area of interest: Philippines
Interests: pragmatic knowledge; dam and development; Chinese funding


Shehata, Eman (post-field)
Area of interest: France
Interests: professional training; work; affect theory

Sollie, Kaia (in the field)
Area of interest: Europe
Interests: migrant labour; seasonality; Europe and the EU

Stahl, Laura (post-field)
Area of interest: China, Taiwan
Interests: Economic subjectivity, information technology, artificial intelligence, software, entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity

Tiilila, Taru (in the field)
Area of interest: Kenya
Interests: mentalization / Theory of Mind, psychological and cognitive anthropology

Whittle, Catherine (post-field)
Area of interest: UK
Interests: Extinction Rebellion; climate crisis; existential fear; religion and spirituality

Wilby, Sam (post-field)
Area of interest: South Asia
Interests: Agrarian change, swidden cultivation, ritual, sacrifice, value, scale, and inequality

Yan, De (in the field)Area of interest: China
Interests: Political anthropology; Urban bureaucracy; Formalism

Zhou, Yufei (post-field)
Area of interest: Tibetan areas in China
Interests: Ethics; human-animal relations; ethnicity; ontology and cosmology; value; pastoralism; consumerism; dogs

Zhu, Tongyue (post-field)
Area of interest: China
Interests: scarcity and insecurity, presence and absence, good life, refrigerator

Zohar, Daniel (pre-field)
Area of interest: Ecuadorian Amazonia
Interests: human-plant relations; animism; ontology; multispecies ethnography