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Current research students

 List of students conducting research at the Department of Anthropology


Ajibade, Kat (pre-field)
Area of interest: France
Catholic approaches to vocation, anthropology of Christianity and religious transformation

Alcalde, Miguel (post- field)
Area of interest: Urban Croatia
Interests: Cognition and culture; Christianity, healing; subjective experience; the self. 

Bahceci, Sergen (post-field)
Area of interest: Northern Cyprus
Interests: Violence, subjectivity, sovereignty

Bazambanza, Caroline (pre-field)
Area of interest: London
Interests: reproductive health, motherhood and race

Bhogal, Kiran (post-field)
Area of interest: UK
Interests: Ritual theory; publicity; religious radicalisation and education; Sikh faith

Cabana-Alvear, Gabriela (in the field)
Area of interest: Chile
Interests: bureaucracy; policy-making; energy; natural resources

Cottrell, Hannah (post-field)
Area of Interest: Japan
Interests: Childhood; Anthropology of aspiration; Education policy; Gender and globalisation

del Gallo, Marco (pre-field)
Area of interest: Indonesia
Interests: Urban Ecology, political anthropology, infrastructure, social justice

Dillabough-Lefebvre, Dominique (in the field)
Area of interest: Burma/Myanmar
Interests: Environmental anthropology, political and economic anthropology, agrarian transitions

Donnelly, Meghan Rose (post-field)
Area of interest: Indonesia
Interests: Catholic nuns; performance ethnography; pluralism

Doherty, Jonathan (post-field)
Area of interest: Bali, Indonesia
Interests: Animism and magic; cosmologies; ritual theory

Doi, Hikaru (pre-field)
Area of interest: Okinawa, Japan
Interests: Anthropology of death, human bones, ancestors, care, ontology and cosmology 


Faure, Agathe (post-field)
Area of interest: Colombia
Interests: Indigenous forced displacement; anthropology of mobility and urban anthropology; time/space and social/political reconstruction

Figueroa-De-La-Ossa, Giselle (pre-field)
Area of interest: UK and Colombia
Interests: gold mining, financial markets, political economy of accumulation and speculation

Flatau, Sasha (post-field)
Area of interest: Colombian Amazon
Interests: Anthropology of Amazonia, Anthropology of Childhood, Justice, Morality

Garcia-Briceno, Luis (post-field)
Area of interest: Venezuelan Amazonia
Interests: Anthropology of Amazonia, Amerindian Christianities, lines/paths, music, rhythms and repetition. 

Gheewala Lohiya, Anishka (post-field)
Area of Interest; India, Gujarat and the UK
Interests: Anthropology of Religion,  India, Hinduism, Prayer

Giattino, Angela (post-field)
Area of interest: Peruvian Amazon
Interest: Higher indigenous intercultural education; Amazonian youth; educational inequality; subjectivity and cognition

Gonzalez Rosas, Arturo (post-field)
Area of interest: Peruvian, Colombian and Brazilian tri-border region in Amazonia
Interests: Social movements; Indigenous identity; State-making 

Herzmark, Thom (post-field)
Area of interest: South Asia
Interests: economic anthropology; family, kinship and gender; care

Jaede, Riccardo (post-field)
Area of interest: West Bengal, India
Interests: Anthropology of ethics; urban anthropology

Jivraj, Naseem (post-field) 
Area of interest: UK
Interests: Migrant South Asian women, transnational family breakdown, UK asylum process, legal, social and emotional precarity, mental health, Psychological Anthropology and Anthropology of Personhood


Kong, Pengyin (post-field)
Area of interest: China, Tibet
Interests: Infrastructure; labor; ethnic identity 

Lai, Fred (pre-field)
Area of interest: China
Interests: Dementia, kinship, politics and ethics of care

Lamare, Gertrude (pre-field)
Area of interest; India and Bangladesh
Interests: Borderlands, infrastructure, roads and markets

Li, Dan (pre-field)
Area of interest: China
Interests: informal economy; technology; market

Liu, Danfeng (post-field)
Area of interest: Bavaria, Germany
Interests: Catholicism and secularism; transformations of family and kinship; ordinary ethics 

Madden, Rhys (in the field)
Area of interest: Guyana
Interests: Ambivalence, uncertainty and doubt; Indian indenture; flooding; material culture

McMahon, Tierra (in the field) 
Area of Interest: Morocco
Interests: discourse, public sphere(s), mutuality, ritual, sport, urban spaces

Milano, Annaliese (in the field)
Area of interest: UK/US
Interests: cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and open source software; value, digital labor and capitalism; digital ethnography

Osborn, Nick (in the field)
Area of interest: Guatemala
Interests: christianity; ethics; memory and migration, anthropology of plantations 

Rose, Rahul (in the field)
Area of interest: Northern India
Interests: the anthropology of attention; political economy; social media

Ruzol, Clarissa (pre-field)
Area of interest: Philippines
Interests: pragmatic knowledge; dam and development; Chinese funding


Sandoval Marmolejo, Ignacio (post-field)
Area of interest: Chile
Interests: State-making; political practices; social classes 

Shehata, Eman  (pre-field)
Area of interest: Egypt
Interests: economic anthropology, material culture and anthropology of value

Simpson, Nikita (post-field)
Area of interest: Himachal Pradesh, India
Interests: Mental Health, Feminities and Household Economics 

Spector, Branwen (post-field)
Area of interest: Israel
Interests: Cultural transmission; kinship; histories of migration; Mizrahim 

Stahl, Laura  (pre-field)
Area of interest: China
Interests: Economic subjectivity, information  technology, entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity

Strong, Imani (post-field)
Area of interest: Georgia, United States
Interests: Affirmative action; race; African-American entrepreneurship 

Tengprawat, Thanakrit (post-field)
Area of interest: Thailand
Interests: Cultural Heritage; Thai State and its Local Politics; Globalization; Kinship; Cosmopolitanism; Kui Ethnic

Watt, Connor (post-field)
Area of interest: North East Scotland
Interests: oil, work, time

Whittle, Catherine (in the field)
Area of interest: Coastal Kenya
Interests: religion in the Anthropocene; public Christianity; ecology and cosmology

Wilby, Sam (post-field)
Area of interest: South Asia
Interests: Agrarian change, swidden cultivation, ritual, sacrifice, value, scale, and inequality

Zhou, Yufei (post-field)
Area of interest: Tibetan areas in China
Interests: Ethics; human-animal relations; ethnicity; ontology and cosmology; value; pastoralism; consumerism; dogs

Zhu, Tongyue (pre-field)
Area of interest: China
Interests: scarcity and insecurity, presence and absence, good life, refrigerator