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LSE Anthropologists are passionate about teaching and strive to maintain a warm and welcoming atmosphere in our department

Academic staff

Catherine Allerton

Professor Catherine Allerton  
[Head of Department]
Eastern Indonesia, East Malaysia; place and landscape, houses, kinship and marriage, childhood and youth, migration.

Rita Astuti

Professor Rita Astuti
Madagascar; kinship, gender, anthropology of death, cognitive development and cultural transmission; ethnographic and experimental research methods. 


Dr Mukulika Banerjee
South Asia; Pakistan and India; political anthropology; election cultures, popular perceptions and democracy; citizenship and ritual; state and civil society; anthro-political histories of South Asia; Islam and Muslim societies; fashion, public culture and modernity; contemporary identity and life histories. 

LB Profile 072019

Professor Laura Bear MBE, FBA
South Asia; anthropologies of the economy; state; infrastructures, time.

female silhouette

Dr Fenella Cannell
Lowland Philippines, United States; anthropology of Christianity, healing and mediumship, gender, Mormonism and kinship.
+44 (0)20 7955 6494

Clara Devlieger 200x200

Dr Clara Devlieger
Democratic Republic of Congo, Central Africa, disability, rights and responsibilities, identity and difference, distribution and welfare, personhood, humour, moralities and judgement, urban anthropology, borders, uncertainty

Yazan Doughan profile

Dr Yazan Doughan
Jordan; the Middle East; corruption; social movements; social justice; human rights; precarity; welfare; the state; bureaucracy; law; ethical life; temporality; critique; postcoloniality; semiotics; language and culture; religion and secularism.

Katy Gardner 2020

Professor Katy Gardner
Bangladesh; globalisation, migration, economic change.


Professor Deborah James FBA
South Africa; the UK; ethnography of advice; aspiration and indebtedness; civil society, citizenship and the state; economic anthropology; ethnomusicology; land reform and property regimes; migration and ethnicity.

Nick Long profile Nov 2022

Dr Nick Long
Indonesia and the Malay World; political change; psychological anthropology; affect; hypnosis; COVID-19; pandemic control measures; Aotearoa New Zealand.
+44 (0)20 7955 6757


Professor Mathijs Pelkmans
Caucasus (Republic of Georgia), Central Asia (Kyrgyz Republic); anthropology of borders, political anthropology, anthropology of religion.

Andrea Pia profile February 2019

Dr Andrea Pia 
China; law; collective action; water; common-pool resources; political economy; political ecology; development; critical agrarian studies; environmental humanities; environmental justice; prefigurative politics; rural sociology; infrastructure; digital ethnography; public anthropology; open access.


Professor Michael W. Scott
Oceania; Melanesia; anthropological approaches to questions of being (ontology); cosmology; religion; wonder; myth-making; indigenous Christianities; personhood, sociality, and relatedness; place-making; ethnogenesis.


Professor Alpa Shah
India and Nepal; political and economic anthropology; the state, citizenship and revolutionary struggle; indigeneity, ethnicity, caste and class; agrarian transitions and labour; inequality and poverty.

Charles Stafford

Professor Charles Stafford FBA
Pro-Director Faculty Development (PDFD) and Professor of Anthropology
China, Taiwan and the USA; learning; schooling and child development; cognitive anthropology; the relationship between learning and economic life.


Dr Hans Steinmüller
China; political and economic anthropology, moralities and ethics, irony, ritual, gambling.


Dr Harry Walker 
Amazonia, Latin America; subjectivity, shamanism, political morality, individualism, justice, happiness, the commons.

Gisa Weszkalnys

Dr Gisa Weszkalnys
Anthropology of the economy, corporations, expertise; resource extraction; state (urban) planning; temporality, materiality, and affect; Europe, US, lusophone Africa

Administrative staff

General enquiries:

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As far as possible, the administrative staff in the department operate an "open door" policy: if one of us is not here, the others will try to help. 

Ms Yanina Hinrichsen
Departmental Manager
+44 (0)20 7955 7202 

Ms Chloe Davies 
Administrative Officer (Quality Assurance and Year Abroad)
+44 (0)20 7107 5867

Mr Tomas Hinrichsen
Administrative Officer (Research)
[Monday and Wednesday]
+44 (0)20 7955 6775

Mr James Johnston
Administrative Officer (Exams and Assessments)
+44 (0)20 7107 5037

Ms Renata Todd
Administration and Communications Officer
+44 (0)20 7852 3709

Research and LSE Fellows

Anjana_Head Shot

Dr Anjana Bala [LSE fellow]
India, psychological anthropology, art, embodiment, ecology, religion, trauma.

Becky Bowers Profile

Dr Rebecca Bowers [LSE fellow]
India; UK; gender; informal labour; the household; inequality; precarity; Covid-19; labour migration; pragmatism.

Gareth Breen profile pic

Dr Gareth Breen [LSE fellow]
Christianity and other religiosities in China and Taiwan; Chinese medicine; anthropological methods; secularism; theology. 

Sanda Caracentev_photo

Dr Sanda Caracentev [ESRC Postdoctoral research fellow]
Moldova, UK, Eastern Europe; social and cultural anthropology; migration, transnationalism, migration infrastructure; material culture, anthropology of food, ICTs; personhood, kinship, sociality; immateriality, temporality, mapping.

Jan David Hauk

Dr Jan David Hauck [Newton International fellow]
Lowland South America; Paraguay; hunter-gatherers; language socialization; anthropology of childhood; ethics and morality; cooperation; phenomenology; conversation analysis; narrative; language ideologies; language contact and change.

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Dr Charlotte Hawkins [Postdoctoral research officer]

UK; Uganda; mental health; morality; economic anthropology; care; social infrastructures. 


Dr Mayanka Mukherji [LSE fellow]
London, New Delhi; housing, emptiness, waste, plastics, infrastructure, precarity, care and belonging, death and grieving, material practices, landownership in the UK, "community", ethnographic fiction.

Fuad Musallam sept 22

Dr Fuad Musallam [LSE fellow]
Middle East; Lebanon; activism; social movements; political subjectivity; migrant and precarious labour organising; time and temporality; affect and emotion; narrative and storytelling; the political imagination; space and the city; participatory archiving.


Dr Stephanie Postar [British Academy postdoctoral fellow]
Tanzania; environment; natural resources; energy; social studies of science in Africa; precarity and uncertainty; gender.

Frederick Wojnarowski pofile pic

Dr Frederick Wojnarowski [British Academy postdoctoral research fellow]
The Middle East, Jordan, corruption, environmental justice, water scarcity, political economy, protest, history, colonialism, empire, non-state politics, land settlement. 

Teo Zidaru profile

Dr Teodor Zidaru [LSE fellow]
Kenya; East Africa; UK; trust; emotion; religion; welfare; microfinance and financial inclusion; redistributive politics; patronage and the state; linguistic and economic anthropology; the anthropology of technology, big data and machine-learning.

Visiting staff

Karin Barber 200x200

Professor Karin Barber [Visiting Professor]
Yoruba, Western Nigeria: Anthropology of texts, performance, popular culture, Yoruba language, print culture, oral genres, religion

Eona Bell

Dr Eona Bell [Visiting fellow]
Chinese diaspora/ Overseas Chinese; Hong Kong; Britain; childhood and childcare; race and ethnicity; migration; diversity and inclusion

Chris-Chaplin profile pic

Dr Chris Chaplin [Visiting fellow]
Maritime Southeast Asia; Indonesia; Islam; Citizenship; Social Movements; Solidarity; Human Rights; Political Identities; Southeast Asian International Politics.


Maurizio Esposito La Rossa

Dr Maurizio Esposito La Rossa [Visiting fellow]
Madagascar; political anthropology; kingship; hierarchy; historicity; ritual; material culture; identity and ethnogenesis.

Harriet Evans

Professor Harriet Evans  [Visiting Professor]
China; gender and sexuality; feminist movements of the twentieth century; political posters, visual culture and legacies of the Mao era; oral history, memory and urban neighbourhood life; localities, cultural transmission and gendered contestations of heritage.

Nick Evans

Dr Nicholas Evans [Visiting fellow]
South Asia; India; Islam; leadership and hierarchy; ethics; doubt and uncertainty


Luke Heslop

Dr Luke Heslop [Visiting fellow]
South Asia; trade and mercantile kinship; infrastructure and connectivity; political economy

Insa Koch

Professor Insa Koch [Visiting professor]
Anthropology of Britain and Europe, political and legal anthropology, class inequalities, criminal justice, welfare, modern slavery, Empire, post-colonialism, populism, democratic crisis.

Adam Kuper 2023 cropped profile pic

Professor Adam Kuper [Visiting professor]
South Africa, intellectual history of anthropology, kinship, Southern Africa.

Megan Laws 22 x 200

Dr Megan Laws [Visiting fellow]
Namibia, Botswana, South Africa; informal economies and egalitarianism; communal lands, biodiversity, and climate change; trust and uncertainty; shamanism; language; digital ethnography; citizen science.


Loretta Lou

Dr Loretta Lou [Visiting fellow]
Environment, well-being, morality and ethics, social movements, responsibility, victimhood, technologies of the self, China, Hong Kong.

Arthur Mason

Dr Arthur Mason [Visiting Senior fellow]
Energy Politics; The Anthropocene; Event Ethnography; Cultures of Expertise; Arctic Late Industrialism.


William Matthews profile pic

Dr William Matthews [Visiting fellow]
China (contemporary and Warring States to Han); cosmology; divination; cognition; cultural transmission; empire; ontology; comparison; politics of knowledge.


Dr Claire Moll-Namas [Visiting fellow]
Trust, El Salvador, Migration, Violence, NGO, Evangelical Christianity, Anthropology of the Good, Anthropology of Values, Language.

Giulio profile pic June 2022 cropped

Dr Giulio Ongaro [Visiting fellow]
Laos; upland Southeast Asia; medical anthropology; shamanism; animism; ritual efficacy; placebo effects; magic; healing; rationality; global history of medicine; history of science; cognitive science; philosophy of mind.

Ottavia Patterno

Dr Ottavia Paternò [Visiting fellow]
Argentina; anthropology of Christianity; ritual; kinship; reciprocity; gender; imagination.


Dagna Rams

Dr Dagna Rams [Visiting fellow]
Ghana; Extractive economies; Waste and Resource Management; Economies of Technological Innovation; Global Metal Markets and Supply Chains

Charlie Rumsby

Dr Charlie Rumsby [Visiting fellow]
Mainland Southeast Asia, indentity, belonging, children and youth, statelessness, visual methodologies 

Zimran Samuel 2019 pic

Zimran Samuel [Visiting Professor in Practice]
Children law, mental capacity law, human rights, public international law, anthropology & law

Marina Nahum Oct 2022

Dr Marina Sapritsky-Nahum [Visiting fellow]
Ukraine; Jewish identity; religion; migration; philanthropy; urban culture.

Mitch Sedgwick

Dr Mitchell W Sedgwick  [Visiting Senior fellow]
Japan (mainland SE Asia, France, Tex-Mex border); economic anthropology, globalisation; anthropology of organisations, multinational corporations, cross-cultural relations/ethnicity and work; minorities and marginality in Japan; disaster anthropology, post-tsunami Japan.

Imani Strong profile

Dr Imani Strong [Visiting fellow]
Racial inequality; bureaucracy; entrepreneurship; political and legal anthropology.

Kelzang Tashi 2023 cropped

Dr Kelzang Tashi [Visiting fellow]
Bhutan; the Himalayas; religion; society; kinship and gender; health and healing; migration; the environment.

Retired academic staff


Professor Maurice Bloch
Madagascar; religion and politics, cognition and culture, kinship.


Professor Stephan Feuchtwang
China and Taiwan, Germany; Chinese popular religion, the anthropology of history, life stories, family myths and responses to catastrophic loss, comparison of civilisations and empires.

female silhouette

Professor Jean La Fontaine
East Africa, United Kingdom; kinship, children, incest, ritual, witchcraft and Satanism.
+44 (0)20 7708 4496


Professor Chris Fuller
South Asia; India and Hinduism, South Indian temples, religion and politics, globalisation and information technology, Tamil Brahman society and history.

female silhouette

Professor Martha Mundy
Arab societies; law, agrarian systems, sociology of Islam, historical anthropology, kinship.


Professor Jonathan Parry
South Asia; sociology of Hinduism, caste and other forms of inequality, industrialisation, labour and the anthropology of work.

Current research students

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