Professor Wim Van der Stede awarded the Notable Contribution to Management Accounting Literature Award 2023

At the Annual Meeting of the American Accounting Association in Denver in August 2023, Professor Wim Van der Stede received the Notable Contribution to the Management Accounting Literature Award for his article with Anne Wu and Steve Wu in The Accounting Review (2020), “An Empirical Analysis of Employee Responses to Bonuses and Penalties”.

It is the third time that Wim has been awarded this prize, also being recognized for the contribution and relevance of his research to the theory, practice, and instruction of management accounting in 2017 for “Earnings Targets and Annual Bonus Incentives” (The Accounting Review, 2014) and in 2007 for “Determinants and Effects of Subjectivity in Incentives” (The Accounting Review, 2004).

These three pieces taken together demonstrate a key strand of Wim’s body of research related to performance measurement and incentive systems in the field of management accounting.