Professor Wim A Van der Stede

Professor Wim A Van der Stede

Dean, LSE Extended Education | CIMA Professor of Accounting and Financial Management

Department of Accounting

+44 (0)20 7955 6695
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MAR 3.16
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Key Expertise

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Research interests

  • Management control systems: budgeting, performance measurement and incentive systems
  • Corporate governance: executive compensation and internal controls

Expertise Details

boards of directors; budgeting; corporate governance; executive compensation; incentive systems; internal controls; management control systems; performance measurement

Appointments, awards and honours

Selected editorial roles

  • Management Accounting Research (Editor-in-Chief, 2015-present)
  • Contemporary Accounting Research (Associate Editor, 2011-2014)
  • Accounting Organizations and Society (Editorial Board, 2010-present)
  • European Accounting Review (Editorial Board, 2012-present)
  • The Accounting Review (Editorial Board, 2011-2023)


Selected appointments

  • CIMA Professor of Accounting and Financial Management (2008-present)
  • Royal Economic Society, Finance Committee (2023-present)
  • LSE Council Member (2021-2024)
  • Houghton Street Ventures, Advisory Board (2021-present)
  • AAA Board of Directors - Director Focusing on International (2017-20)
  • President of the AAA Management Accounting Section: President-Elect (2009-10); President (2010-11); Past President (2011-12)
  • American Accounting Association Governance Committee (2015-18)
  • American Accounting Association Finance Committee (2009-12)
  • American Accounting Association Council (2009-12; 2017-20)
  • European Accounting Association Publications Committee (2008-11; 2012-13, Chair)
  • European Accounting Association Doctoral Colloquium Co-Chair (2019-21)


 Selected awards

  • LSE Teaching Excellence Award (2017 and 2016)
  • AAA Outstanding International Accounting Educator Award (2019)
  • AAA Notable Contribution to Management Accounting Literature Award (2023, 2017, and 2007)
  • Article of Merit, International Federation of Accountants (2009 and 2008)
  • Jim Bulloch Award for Innovations in Management Accounting Education, Institute of Management Accountants (2009)

Recent publications


  • Merchant, Kenneth A & Wim A Van der Stede (2023), Management Control Systems: Performance Measurement, Evaluation, and Incentives (London: Prentice Hall), Fifth Edition

  • Translated in Italian (with L Zoni): Sistemi di controllo di gestione: misure di performance, valutazione e incentive (Milan: Pearson), 2013

  • Translated in Indonesian, Sistem pengendalian manajemen: pengukuran kinerja, evaluasi, dan insentif (Jakarta: Salemba Empat), 2014

Selected academic articles

  • Avagyan Vardan, Nuno Camacho, Wim A Van der Stede & Stefan Stremersch (2022), Financial Projections in Innovation Selection: The Role of Scenario Presentation, Expertise, and Risk, International Journal of Research in Marketing 39, in press.
  • Van der Stede, Wim A, Anne Wu & Steve Yuching Wu (2020), An Empirical Analysis of Employee Responses to Bonuses and Penalties, The Accounting Review 95, 395-412

  • Van der Stede, Wim A (2020), Discussion of ‘The Effects of Creative Culture on Real Earnings Management’, Contemporary Accounting Research 37, 2348-2356
  • Caglio, Ariela, Andrea Dossi & Wim A Van der Stede (2018), CFO Role and CFO Compensation: An Empirical Analysis of their Implications, Journal of Accounting & Public Policy 37, 265-28

  • Van der Stede, Wim A (2017), “Global” Management Accounting Research: Some Reflections, Journal of International Accounting Research 16, 1-8

  • Indjejikian, Raffi, Michal Matejka, Kenneth A Merchant & Wim A Van der Stede (2014), Earnings Targets and Annual Bonus Incentives, The Accounting Review 89, 1227-1258 

  • Van der Stede, Wim A (2014), A Manipulationist View of Causality in Cross-Sectional Survey Research, Accounting, Organizations & Society 39, 567-574

  • Van der Stede, Wim A (2013), Discussion of ‘The Role of Performance Measures in the Inter-temporal Decisions of Business Unit Managers’, Contemporary Accounting Research 30, 962-969 

  • Van der Stede, Wim A (2013), Review of ‘Discretion in Managerial Bonus Pools’, The Accounting Review 88, 351-354

  • Van der Stede, Wim A (2011), Management Accounting Research in the Wake of the Crisis: Some Reflections, European Accounting Review 20, 605-623 

  • Gong, James, Wim A Van der Stede & Mark Young (2011), Real Options in the Motion Picture Industry: Evidence from Film Marketing and Sequels, Contemporary Accounting Research 28, 1438-1466 

  • Merchant, Kenneth A, Wim A Van der Stede, Thomas W Lin & Zengbiao Yu (2011), Performance Measurement and Incentive Compensation: An Empirical Analysis and Comparison of Chinese and Western Firms' Practices, European Accounting Review 20, 639-667 

  • Balachandran, Kashi R, Andrea Dossi & Wim A Van der Stede (2010), Corporate Governance Research in 'The Rest of the World', Journal of Accounting Auditing & Finance 25, 523-530 

  • Matejka, Michal, Kenneth A Merchant & Wim A Van der Stede (2009), Employment Horizon and the Choice of Performance Measures: Empirical Evidence from Annual Bonus Plans of Loss-Making Entities, Management Science 55, 890-905

  • Gibbs, Michael, Kenneth A Merchant, Wim A Van der Stede & Mark E Vargus (2009), Performance Measure Properties and Incentive System Design, Industrial Relations 48, 237-264

  • Jansen, Pieter, Kenneth A Merchant & Wim A Van der Stede (2009), National Differences in Incentive Compensation Practices: The Differing Roles of Financial Performance Measurement in The United States and The Netherlands, Accounting, Organizations & Society 34, 58-84


Selected other articles, chapters, and practice contributions  

  • Van der Stede, Wim A (2018), Multitasking Academics, Issues in Accounting Education 33, 85-94

  • Van der Stede, Wim A (2015), Management Accounting: Where From, Where Now, Where To?, Journal of Management Accounting Research, 171-176

  • Van der Stede, Wim A (2014), Budgeting and Management Control, In: Wiley Encyclopedia of Accounting (Vol. 1 of Wiley Encyclopedia of Management), 3e, 109-115

  • Van der Stede, Wim A & Dimitri Kruik (2013), Governance Culture in the Boardroom, Management Control and Accounting (February), 10-13

  • Young, Mark S, James J Gong & Wim A Van der Stede (2012), Using Real Options to Make Decisions in the Motion Picture Industry, Strategic Finance (May), 53-59

  • Van der Stede, Wim A (2011), Risk and Governance Reporting: Challenges for Effective Disclosures, CFO Aktuell (December), 200-203

  • Van der Stede, Wim A & Tommaso Palermo (2011), Scenario Budgeting: Integrating Risk and Performance, Finance & Management 184, 10-13

  • Van der Stede, Wim A (2009), Designing Effective Reward Systems, Finance & Management 170 (October), 6-9

  • Van der Stede, Wim A (2009), Risk and Performance Management through the Business Cycle, CMA Management (May), 24-27

Selected cases

  • Statoil
  • Pacific Sunwear of California, Inc
  • Controls at the Bellagio Casino Resort
  • Southern California Edison
  • Superconductor Technologies, Inc
  • Catalytic Solutions, Inc

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