Theme 1: Understanding Transboundary Crisis Management


  • This theme sets out the analytical framework that guides the research on transboundary crisis management in the European Union
  • It establishes a codebook to assess transboundary crisis management capacities in the European Union
  • It creates a crisis management capital index for mapping available capacities

This theme provides the analytical framework to guide the project’s research into transboundary crisis management in the European Union (EU). The framework explains when transboundary crisis management can be considered effective in terms of the problem at hand; it also considers the more intricate effects on the legitimacy of EU institutions and political leadership. It maps the cultural, political, socio-economic and legal barriers to effective and legitimate transboundary crisis management, as identified in the literature on EU governance and multilevel systems. It distils from the literature ‘success factors’ – those that enable and facilitate transboundary crisis management to formulate an analytical framework to study Transboundary Crisis Management in the EU. The tools created in this study have been validated by a board of crisis management, public administration and political experts. The outcome of this project is therefore a validated assessment method to research the effectiveness and legitimacy of transboundary crisis management.

Project co-ordinator: Arjen Boin, Crisisplan



The TransCrisis research themes:

Themes: Introduction

Theme 1: Understanding transboundary crisis management

Theme 2: Studying political leaders in the financial crisis

Theme 3: Political leadership, EU institutions and transboundary crisis management capacity

Theme 3.1 Crisis Management Capacity in the European Commission, Council of Ministers, and Council of the European Union

Theme 3.2 Crisis Leadership in the European Parliament

Theme 3.3 Political Leadership in EU agencies

Theme 4: Interaction between EU-national administrations in times of crisis

Theme 4.1 Political Leadership and Crisis Management Regimes

Theme 4.2 Managing the Immigration Crisis

Theme 5: Political leadership, national politics, and transboundary crisis management

Theme 6: Political leadership and the ‘new normal’: developing transboundary crisis leadership capacity