Supporting London's future

Showcasing LSE's activity 

LSE plays a central role in strategic thinking about London’s future.

As one of the world’s great cities, London is home to unrivalled opportunities, but it also faces unique challenges.

For decades LSE has undertaken detailed work on policies to help ensure our home city thrives and its opportunities are available to all. We work closely with central and local government to tackle problems and bring about change. 

In 2016 the Mayor of London published A City for All Londoners which sets out the priority focus areas for City Hall over the coming years, including:

  • Meeting the challenges of economic and population growth;
  • Supporting an internationally competitive and successful city;
  • Sustaining diverse, strong, secure and accessible neighbourhoods;
  • Becoming a world leader in improving the environment;
  • and Ensuring everyone can access jobs, opportunities and facilities.

These directly reflect LSE’s long-standing priorities, and you can find out more about our work to meet these challenges below.