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Tony Travers, London expert at LSE

Professor Tony Travers
Department of Government, LSE London

Expertise: London, city government, local government, public finance, schools' finance.

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christine whitehead, London expert at LSE

Professor Christine Whitehead
Department of Economics, LSE London, SERC

Expertise: housing finance, housing policy, privatisation, urban land markets, urban policy.

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Anne Power, London expert at LSE

Professor Anne Power
Department of Social Policy, LSE Housing & Communities, CASE & STICERD

Expertise: cities, communities, disadvantaged and run-down neighbourhoods, energy efficiency, family interventions, international and UK housing, marginal groups, social change, social housing, sustainable communities, urban regeneration.

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Ian Gordon, London expert at LSE

Professor Emeritus Ian Gordon
Department of Geography and Environment, LSE London,  SERC

Expertise: applied urban economics, migration, regional development, urban policy.

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Nancy Holman, London expert at LSE

Dr Nancy Holman
Department of Geography and Environment

Expertise: built environment, local government, sustainable development, urban heritage, urban policy.

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Riccardo Crescenzi, London expert at LSE

Professor Riccardo Crescenzi
Department of Geography and Environment, SERC

Expertise: European Union economic growth and regional policy, economic geography, economic growth, innovation, knowledge economy, local economic development, regional development, regional disparities.

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Ricky Burdett

Professor Richard Burdett
Department of Sociology, LSE Cities

Expertise: Cities, urban development, architecture and public space, contemporary architectural culture, density and transport, design quality, regeneration and planning, relationship between urban environment and urban society, social cohesion, sustainable design and communities, urban culture, urban governance.

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Kathleen Scanlon
LSE London

Expertise: Housing finance; housing policy; urban policy.

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