Accommodating growth

See the work at LSE that supports economic and population growth in London

A 21st Century Metropolitan Green Belt (2016)

This 2016 report was a joint venture with the Department of Geography & LSE London. View the published report.

Creating the conditions for Growth (2013) 

A joint venture with the Department of Economics & LSE London culminating in a report for Berkeley Homes.

Migration and London’s Growth 

A joint venture with the Department of Economics, LSE London & the Department of Geography, producing a report of LSE London’s HEIF 5 project on Migration and the Transformation of London

Fitting a quart into a pint pot: Development, Displacement, and/or Densification in the London Region

A report by the Department of Geography. View the research report.

The Economic impact on the London and UK Economy of an earned regularisation of irregular migrants in the UK 

A joint venture with LSE London, and the Department of Geography and the Department of Economics. View the report.