LSE Impact Case Studies - REF 2021

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Analysing and learning from healthcare complaints

A social calculus for COVID-19 policy: ensuring equity, social support, and co-production in the UK government response to the pandemic

Better measurement of income inequality levels and trend

Commemorating the First World War

Counterparty credit risk management at Barclays: estimating extreme quantiles

Ensuring fair treatment for Open Banking customers

From skills to outcomes: improving digital inequalities metrics, policy, and interventions

Giving social housing tenants a voice

The International Criminal Court and struggle for justice in Central Africa

Improved monitoring of the NHS drugs bill

Improving election polling methodologies

Improving financial stress testing at the Bank of England

Improving justice by establishing a test of "fitness to plead" in criminal courts

Improving productivity through better management practices

Improving public health messaging to reduce tobacco use in the European Union

Improving refugee protection policies in Europe: towards a mandatory, capacity-based allocation system for asylum seekers

Improving the efficiency of health services in antenatal care: the case of Mozambique

Improving the fairness and efficiency of Austria's social insurance and healthcare system

Improving the lives of disadvantaged people through better measurement of poverty and inequality

Improving the lives of the ultra-poor

Influencing risk culture change processes in financial institutions

Informing fairer, more transparent, and cost-effective social care policy

Making fair choices on the path to universal health coverage

Managing severe uncertainty

Measuring and improving safety culture in the aviation industry

Migrant Margins: street economies in urban peripheries

New approaches to forecasting financial markets

Optimising the voter experience

Powerful new tools for text analysis

Promoting civil society-led approaches to post-conflict reconciliation

Promoting policy reforms in the Philippines

Protecting the human rights of internally displaced persons

Pursuing effective data protection

Raising historical awareness among German civil servants and economic policymakers

Raising the minimum wage in Greece

Realising children's rights in a digital world

Reforming defamation law in multiple jurisdictions

Reforming labour market and migration regulation in Gulf states

Reforming pensions to protect adequate and sustainable benefits

Reforming the law on storage time limits for frozen eggs

Regulating media power in democracies

Reinterpreting Spain's 20th century

Shaping global accounting standards

Shaping global climate change policy

State capacity: crafting effective development strategies

Supporting bottom-up development in cities in the developing world

Supporting planning and housing policy reform around the world

Supporting policy and practice change for better mental health

Supporting the development of a safer, more robust financial system for the eurozone

Tackling consumer indebtedness in South Africa

Tax reform in Chile

The "class ceiling": tackling barriers to social mobility in UK television

The Transition Pathway Initiative (TPI)

Understanding and improving subjective wellbeing

Understanding and tackling the causes of social oppression in India

Using empirical evidence to improve the design of investment for local economic growth