Working Papers 2022

  • No. 349 Like Father Like Son? Intergenerational immobility in England, 1851-1911
    Ziming Zhu
  • No. 348 Trust, Guilds and Kinship in London, 1330-1680
    Ammaarah Adam, Raphael Ades, William Banks, Canbeck Benning, Gwyneth Grant,Harry Forster-Brass, Owen McGiveron, Joe Miller, Daniel Phelan, Sebastian Randazzo,Matthew Reilly, Michael Scott, Sebastian Serban, Carys Stockton, and Patrick Wallis
  • No. 347 Explaining gender differences in migrant sorting: evidence from Canada-US migration
    David Escamilla-Guerrero, Miko Lepisto and Chris Minns
  • No. 346 Measuring and explaining rural inequality in a pre-industrial setting: income inequality in sixteenth-century Ottoman Manisa
    Pinar Ceylan
  • No. 345 Performance and Mechanisms of the Maoist Economy - A Holistic Approach, 1950-1980
    Jim Huangnan Shen, Jingyuan Guo and Kent Deng
  • No. 344 The Great Retreat: Pastoralism in the Arid Tropics
    Tirthankar Roy
  • No. 343 Job Tenure and unskilled workers before the Industrial Revolution: St Paul's Cathedral 1672-1748
    Meredith Paker, Judy Stephenson and Patrick Wallis
    This is an update of WP 322 (January 2021)
  • No. 342 The Irish in England
    Neil Cummins and Cormac Ó Gráda
  • No. 341 The Causal Effects of Education on Age at Marriage and Marital Fertility
    Neil Cummins 
  • No.340 Did Smallpox Cause Stillbirths? Maternal Smallpox Infection, Vaccination and Stillbirths in Sweden, 1780-1839
    Eric B. Schneider, Sören Edvinsson, and Kota Ogasawara
  • No. 339 Wages, Labour Market, and Living Standards in China, 1530-1840
    Ziang Liu
  • No. 338 How Successful was Germany's First Common Currency?  A New Look at the Imperial Monetary Union of 1559
    Oliver Volckart
  • No. 337 Assortative Mating and the Industrial Revolution: England, 1754-2021
    Gregory Clark and Neil Cummins
  • No. 336 From Manchuria to post-war Japan: Knowledge Transfer through in-house training at the South Manchuria Railway Company (SMR) 
    Sumiyo Nishizaki