Working Papers 2021

  • No. 335 Tropical Development
    Tirthankar Roy
  • No. 334 The Aftermath of Sovereign Debt Crises: A narrative approach
    Rui Esteves, Seán Kenny and Jason Lennard
  • No. 333 Cross-Cultural Trade and the Slave Ship the Bonne Société: Baskets of Goods, Diverse Sellers, and Time Pressure on the African Coast
    Amanda Gregg and Anne Ruderman
  • No 332 Sticky Wages and the Great Depression: Evidence from the United Kingdom
    Jason Lennard
  • No. 331 The Impact of Public Transportation and Commuting on Urban Labour Markets: Evidence from the New Survey of London Life and Labour, 1929-32
    Andrew Seltzer and Jonathan Wadsworth
  • No. 330 Large-scale Victorian Manufacturers: Reconstructing the lost 1881 UK employer census
    Leslie Hannah and Robert Bennett
  • No. 329 Voting Like Your Betters: The bandwagon effect in the Diet of the Holy Roman Empire
    Oliver Volckart
  • No. 328 The Effect of Nutritional Status on Historical Infectious Disease Morbidity: Evidence from the London Foundling Hospital, 1892-1919
    Eric B. Schneider
  • No. 327 Metropolitan Financial Agents and the Emergence of Inter-regional Financial Linkages in England and Japan, 1760-1860
    Mina Ishizu
  • No. 326 Trade in Coinage, Gresham's Law, and the Drive to Monetary Unification: The Holy Roman Empire, 1519-59
    Oliver Volckart
  • No. 325 Unequal Mortality During the Spanish Flu
    Sergi Basco, Jordi Domènech and Joan Rosés
  • No. 324 Ultra-low Tax Regime in Imperial China, 1368-1911
    Kent Deng
  • No. 323 A Tale of Paper and Gold: The Material History of Money in South Africa
    Ellen Feingold, Johan Fourie and Leigh Gardner
  • No. 322 Unskilled labour before the Industrial Revolution
    Meredith Paker, Judy Stephenson and Patrick Wallis
  • No. 321 The Kuznetsian Paradigm for the Study of Modern Economic History and the Great Divergence with Appendices of Literature Review and Statistical Data
    Kent Deng and Patrick O'Brien
  • No. 320 The Merit of Misfortune: Taiping Rebellion and the Rise of Indirect Taxation in Modern China, 1850s-1900s 

    Hanzhi Deng

  • No. 319 Intergenerational mobility in a Mid-Atlantic economy: Canada, 1871-1901
    Luiza Antonie, Kris Inwood, Chris Minns and Fraser Summerfield 

  • No. 318 How the West India Trade Fostered Last Resort Lending by the Bank of England
    Carolyn Sissoko and Mina Ishizu