Working Papers 2020

  • No. 317  On the Structure of Wealth-Holding in Pre-Famine Ireland
    Neil Cummins and Cormac Ó Gráda
  • No. 316  The Dissolution of the English Monasteries: A Quantitative Investigation
    Nick Peyton
  • No. 315  Does Education Matter? Tests from Extensions of Compulsory Schooling in England and Wales 1919-22, 1947 and 1972
    Gregory Clark and Neil Cummins
  • No. 314 The Fiscal Origins of Comparative Inequality Levels: An Empirical and Historical Investigation
    Andrés Irarrázaval
  • No. 313 Waifs and Strays: Property Rights in Late Medieval England
    Jordan Claridge and Spike Gibbs
  • No. 312 An Annual Index of Irish Industrial Production, 1840-1913
    Seán Kenny, Jason Lennard and Kevin Hjortshøj O’Rourke
    Revised and republished July 2021
  • No. 311 When 'the State Made War', What Happened to Economic Inequality? Evidence from Preindustrial Germany (c. 1400-1800)
    Felix S.F. Schaff 
  • No. 310 Life-cycle Living Standards of Intact and Disrupted English Working Families, 1260-1850
    Sara Horrell, Jane Humphries and Jacob Weisdorf
  • No. 309 Reading the Economic History of Afghanistan
    Tirthankar Roy
  • No. 308 The Redistributive Effects of Pandemics: Evidence of the Spanish Flu
    Sergi Basco, Jordi Domenech and Joan R. Roses
  • No. 307 Survival of the Confucians: Social Status and fertility in China, 1400-1900
    Sijie Hu
  • No. 306 Inducing Visibility and Visual Deduction
    Mary S. Morgan
  • No. 305 'Money Markets and Trade' Defining Provincial Financial Agents in England and Japan
    Mina Ishizu