Working Papers 2019

  • No 304 Tracing Iraqi sovereign debt through defaults and restructuring
    Simon Hinrichsen
  • No 303 'If p? Then What?' Thinking Within, With, and From Cases
    Mary S. Morgan
  • No 302 Climate and the Economy in India, 1850-2000
    Tirthankar Roy
  • No 301 Hidden Wealth
    Neil Cummins
  • No 300 The Last Yugoslavs: Ethnic Diversity, National Identity, and Civil War
    Leonard Kukic
  • No 299 Economic Experiences of Japanese Civilian Repatriates in Hiroshima Prefecture, 1945-1956
    Sumiyo Nishizaki 
  • No 298  From State Resource Allocation to a 'Low Level Equilibrium Trap': Re-evaluation of Economic Performance of Mao's China, 1949-1978
    Kent Deng, Jim H. Shen
  • No 297 Fiscal Destruction: Confiscatory Taxation of Jewish Property and Income in Nazi Germany
    Albrecht Ritschl
  • No 296 Economic Growth in sub-Saharan Africa, 1885-2008
    Stephen Broadberry, Leigh Gardner
  • No 295 The Precocious Mechanization of a Global Industry: English Cotton Textile Production from the Flying Shuttle (1733) to the Self-Acting Mule (1825): A Bibliographical Survey and Critique
    Patrick Karl O'Brien
  • No 294 Where is the Middle Class? Inequality, Gender and the Shape of the Upper Tail from 60 million English Death and Probate Records, 1892-2016
    Neil Cummins
  • N293 The Growth Pattern of British Children, 1850-1975
    Pei Gao, Eric Schneider