Working Papers 2018


  • Nº 292 Occupational Income Scores and Immigrant Assimilation. Evidence from the Canadian Census
    Kris Inwood, Chris Minns, and Fraser Summerfield
  • Nº 291 "Forced Ruralisation of Urban Youth" during Mao's Rule and Women's Status in post-Mao China: An Empirical Study
    Liu Shuchen, Kent Deng, Sun Shengmin
  • Nº 290 The Road Home: The Role of Ethnicity in the post-Soviet Migration
    Youngook Jang
  • Nº 289 Cosmographies for the Discovery, Development and Diffusion of Useful and Reliable Knowledge in Pre-Industrial Europe and Late Imperial China: A Survey and Speculation
    Patrick O'Brien
  • Nº 288 "The Dear Old Holy Roman Realm. How Does it Hold Together?"  Monetary Policies, Cross-cutting Cleavages and Political Cohesion in the Age of Reformation
    Oliver Volckart
  • Nº 287 Guilds and Mutual Protection in England
    Patrick Wallis
  • Nº 286 Inequality in Colonial India
    Tirthankar Roy
  • Nº 285 Global Silver: Bullion or Specie? Supply and Demand in the Making of the Early Modern Global Economy
    Alejandra Irigoin

  • Nº 284 Secrets for Sale? Innovation and the Nature of Knowledge in an Early Industrial District: The Potteries, 1750-1851
    Joseph Lane

  • Nº 283 A Silver Transformation: Chinese Monetary Integration in Times of Political Disintegration during 1898-1933
    Debin Ma and Liuyan Zhao

  • Nº 282 Access to the Trade: Monopoly and Mobility in European Craft Guilds, 17th and 18th Centuries
    Maarten Prak, Clare Crowston, Bert De Munck, Christopher Kissane, Chris Minns, Ruben Schalk, and Patrick Wallis

  • Nº 281 The Economics of Edwardian Imperial Preference: What can New Zealand Reveal?
    Brian Varian

  • Nº 280 Drivers and Constraints of State Confiscation of Elite Property in the Ottoman Empire, 1750-1839
    Yasin Arslantas

  • Nº 279 Power to the Periphery? The failure of Regional Convergence in Canada, 1890-2006
    Chris Minns, Joan R. Rosés

  • Nº 278 Regional Economic Development in Europe, 1900-2010: a description of the Patterns
    Joan R. Rosés and Nikolaus Wolf

  • Nº 277 European Goods Market Integration in the Very Long Run: From the Black Death to the First World War
    Giovanni Federico, Max-Stephan Schulze, Oliver Volckart

  • Nº 276 “Decessit sine prole” - Childlessness, Celibacy, and Survival of the Richest in Pre-Industrial England
    David de la Croix, Eric B. Schneider, Jacob Weisdorf

  • Nº 275 Technologies of money in the Middle Ages: The ‘Principles of Minting’
    Oliver Volckart 

  • Nº 274 The Austrian banking crisis of 1931: One bad apple spoils the whole bunch
    Flora Macher

  • Nº 273 Sample Selection Biases And The Historical Growth Pattern Of Children
    Eric B Schneider

  • Nº 272  The long-term impact of Italian colonial roads in the Horn of Africa, 1935-2000
    Mattia C. Bertazzini