Working papers 2014

  • Nº 212 Epidemic Trade
    Lars Boerner, Battista Severgnini
  • Nº 211 Quakers, Coercion and pre-modern Growth: Why Friends’ Formal Institutions for Contract Enforcement Did Not Matter for Early Atlantic Trade Expansion
    Esther Sahle
  • Nº 210 Sailing Away from Malthus: Intercontinental Trade and European Economic Growth, 1500-1800
    Nuno Palma
  • Nº 209 Longevity and the Rise of the West: Lifespans of the European Elite, 800-1800
    Neil Cummins
  • Nº 208 Housing Affordability during the Urban Transition in Spain
    Juan Carmona Pidal, Markus Lampe, Joan R. Rosés
  • Nº 207 Clarifying Data for Reciprocal Comparisons of Nutritional Standards of Living in England  and the Yangtze Delta (Jiangnan), c.1644 – c.18401
    Kent Deng, Patrick O'Brien
  • Nº 206 How They Made News Pay: News Traders’ Quest for Crisis-Resistant Business Models
    Gerben Bakker
  • Nº 205 Reverse Assimilation? Immigrants in the Canadian Labour Market During the Great Depression
    Kris Inwood, Chris Minns, Fraser Summerfield
  • Nº 204 Was the Gibson Paradox for real? A Wicksellian study of the relationship between interest rates and prices
    Jagjit S Chadha, Morris Perlman
  • Nº 203 The internationalization of economic history: A puzzle
    Johan Fourie, Leigh Gardner
  • Nº 202 African Economic Growth In A European Mirror: A Historical Perspective
    Stephen Broadberry and Leigh Gardner
  • Nº 201 Discovering Economic History in Footnotes: the Story of Tŏng Tàishēng Merchant Archive (1790-1850) and the Historiography of Modern China
    Debin Ma, Weipeng Yuan
  • Nº 200 Soft Power: The Media Industries in Britain since 1870
    Gerben Bakker 
  • Nº 189 American Tariff Policy and The British Alkali Industry, 1880-1905
    Brian Varian
  • Nº 188 Medical Care in Early Modern Venice
    Alex Bamji
  • Nº 187 The Political Economy of Byzantium: Transaction Costs and the Decentralisation of the Byzantine Empire in the Twelfth Century
    Richard Knight
  • Nº 186 Business fluctuations in Imperial Austria's regions, 1867-1913: new evidence
    Carlo Ciccarelli, Anna Missiaia
  • Nº 185  Medical Revolutions? The growth of medicine in England, 1660-1800
    Teerapa Pirohakul, Patrick Wallis