Working papers 2010

  • N°149  Economic Effects of Vertical Disintegration: The American Motion Picture Industry,1945 to 1955
    Gregory Mead Silver
  • N°148  Labour Market Dynamics in Canada, 1891-1911: A First Look From New Census Samples
    Kris Inwood, Mary MacKinnon, and Chris Minns
  • N°147 The Cost of Living in London, 1740-1834
    Ralph Turvey   
  • N°146 The Utility of a Common Coinage: Currency Unions and the Integration of Money Markets in Late Medieval Central Europe
    Lars Boerner & Oliver Volckart
  • N°145  'Deep' Integration of 19 th Century Grain Markets: Coordination and Standardisation in a Global Value Chain
    Aashish Velkar
  • N°144  Books or Bullion? Printing, Mining and Financial Integration in Central Europe from the 1460s
    David Chilosi and Oliver Volckart
  • N°143 Exotic Drugs and English Medicine: England's Drug Trade, c.1550-c.1800
    Patrick Wallis
  • N°142  Rethinking the Origins of British India: State Formation and Military-Fiscal Undertakings in an Eighteenth Century World Region
    Tirthankar Roy 
  • N°141  Becoming a London Goldsmith in the Seventeenth Century: Social Capital and Mobility of Apprentices and Masters of the Guild
    Raphaelle Schwarzberg
  • N°140   Good or Bad Money? Debasement, Society and the State in the Late Middle Ages
    David Chilosi and Oliver Volckart  
  • N°139  The Amazing Synchronicity of the Global Development (the 1300s-1450s). An Institutional Approach to the Globalization Of the Late Middle Ages 
    Lucy Badalian and Victor Krivorotov
  • N°138  Re-evaluating the Role of Voluntary Organisations: Merchant Networks, the Baltic and the Expansion of European Long-Distance Trade
    Esther Sahle
  • N°137 Were British Railway Companies Well-Managed in the Early Twentieth Century?
    Nicholas Crafts, Timothy Leunig and Abay Mulatu
    This is a revised version of a previous working paper which incorporates corrections to errors in estimates of TFP growth (published as No 10 in the Large Scale Technological Change series (June 2007), original paper can be found here: LSTC
  • N°136 Pirates, Polities and Companies: Global Politics on the Konkan Littoral, c.1690-1756
    Derek L. Elliott
  •  N°135 From Sickness to Death: The Financial Viability of the English Friendly Societies and Coming of the Old Age Pensions Act, 1875-1908
    Nicholas Broten
  •  N°134 Total Factor Productivity for the Royal Navy from Victory at Texal (1653) to Triumph at Trafalgar (1805)
    Patrick Karl O'Brien and Xavier Duran