Working papers 2015

  • N°92 An Estimate of Imperial Austria's Gross Domestic Fixed Capital Stock, 1870-1913: Methods, Sources and Results
    Max-Stephan Schulze
  • N°91 Fiscal and Financial Preconditions for the Rise of British Naval Hegemony 1485-1815
    Patrick Karl O'Brien
  • N°90 Ottoman State Finance: A Study of Fiscal Deficits and Internal Debt in 1859-63
    Keiko Kiyotaki
  • N°89 Business Culture and Entrepreneurship in the Ionian Islands Under British Rule, 1815-1864
    Sakis Gekas
  • N°88 Labour Market Adjustment to Economic Downturns in the Catalan Textile Industry, 1880-1910.  Did Employers Breach Implicit Contracts?
    Jordi Domenech