Working papers 2004

  • N°87 The World Economy in the 1990s: A Long Run Perspective
    Nicholas F. R. Crafts
  • N°86 News from London: Greek Government Bonds on the London Stock Exchange, 1914-1929
    Olga Christodoulaki and Jeremy Penzer
  • N°85 The Canton of Berne as an Investor on the London Capital Market in the 18th Century
    Stefan Altorfer
  • N°84 Reconstructing the Industrial Revolution: Analyses, Perceptions and Conceptions of Britain's precocious transition to Europe's first Industrial Society
    Giorgio Riello and Patrick K. O'Brien
  • N°83 Trade, Convergence and Globalisation: The dynamics of change in the international income distribution, 1950-1998
    Philip Epstein, Peter Howlett & Max-Stephan Schulze
  • N°82 The effects of the 1925 Portuguese Bank Note Crisis 
    Henry Wigan
  • N°81 At the Origins of Increased Productivity Growth in Services. Productivity, Social Savings and the Consumer Surplus of the Film Industry, 1900-1938
    Gerben Bakker
  • N°80 Bureau Competition and Economic Policies in Nazi Germany, 1933-39
    Oliver Volckart