Working papers 2003

  • N°79 Quantifying the Contribution of Technological Change to Economic Growth in Different Eras: A Review of the Evidence
    Nicholas F. R. Crafts
  • N°78 The Post-War Rise of World Trade: Does the Bretton Woods System Deserve Credit?
    Andrew G. Terborgh
  • N°77 Autarkic Policy and Efficiency in the Spanish Industrial Sector. An Estimate of Domestic Resource Cost in 1958
    Elena Martínez Ruiz
  • N°76 Fact or Fiction? Re-examination of Chinese Pre-modern Population Statistics
    Kent G. Deng
  • N°75 Steam as a General Purpose Technology: A Growth Accounting Perspective
    Nicholas F. R. Crafts
  • N°74 Was the Bundesbank's credibility undermined during the process of German reunification?
    Matthias Morys
  • N°73 Workers and 'Subalterns'. A comparative study of labour in Africa, Asia and Latin America
    Colin M. Lewis (editor)
  • N°72 Piece rates and learning: understanding work and production in the New England textile industry a century ago
    Timothy Leunig
  • N°71 The globalisation of codfish and wool: Spanish - English - North American triangular trade in the early modern period
    Regina Grafe
  • N°70 The decline and fall of the European film industry: sunk costs, market size and market structure, 1890-1927
    Gerben Bakker